Why Support Calexit

There are a multitude of reasons to support calexit. While the United States is not yet a totalitarian dystopia just yet, there are some early signs of US eventually becoming just as bad as when the USSR was still around.

Remember what happened after the Soviet Union fell? It split into multiple republics. Note that recently Russia had invaded Crimea. This is exactly what the United States is becoming as well: an invader of nation, just like France before. But unlike France, US is a multinational Union often mistakenly assumed to be a country because of the overbearing government.

A lot of people pay attention to the more obvious signs of how our country is going downhill, but as Richard Stallman has mentioned before, already the United States is giving more leeway to Apple and Macintosh. Various three letter agencies are also attacking people's rights to protect their own data. Even those who don't balk at you encrypting your data, get into a stink whenever you consider learning anything that's outside of the realm of public key cryptography.This is an opportunity to support the birth of a nation that wont prioritize businesses over people, and protect people's rights to protect their own data. People say if you have nothing to hide, then you shouldn't worry. Lets see if they keep saying this when ICE knocks on their doors. People had the opprotunity to switch to using Linux. Many of the people already in the computer field do so. It's only your fault if you still use Windows.Lets stop the racket about Calexit being Russian influenced, and support the Calexit movement.


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