8 Questions you should answer to unlock your potential and gain confidence.


Confidence has always been a feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities. Often this is being built on a foundation of trust in people that encourage you to believe in your plans and future.

It turns out you need the external environment to shape up the conviction that any situation you are going through will have a positive outcome. Too much reliability on people and outcomes will create a state of dependency that ends up unbalancing your conviction.

Confidence in extremes turn you into an arrogant personality that doesn’t foresee obstacles or at the opposite pole blind you in front of opportunities and prevents you from moving ahead.

What is the balance in such case? How you can stay true to yourself and move ahead with confidence without over or under doing it? How you can build confidence from inside out and project it into reality to achieve the desired outcome?

Answer the following 8 questions to unlock your potential and gain confidence to be successful in every situation.

  1. 1.       What do you know about yourself?

Draw your personal profile by getting to know both your strengths and weaknesses. Be true to yourself on what are your greatest abilities and stopping points. Uncover your capacities by diving into each one of them and working your way up into how you could maximize their potential. Weaknesses are nothing more than future strengths so put a focus on how you can use your current abilities to turn them into super powers.

  1. 2.       What have you achieved so far?

Reflect upon your life achievements, those are great milestones that defines your capacities and proves your potential. Each experience you have lived so far turned you into the person you are today. Be proud and recognize your successes it will boost your confidence and push you ahead.

  1. 3.       What makes you satisfied in life?

Be clear on what is bringing you fulfilment and satisfaction. Look for those moments that leave you in a state of peace and joy and be clear with what you like and what you don’t like, as out that you channel your energy to fruition. Define your values and carry on revising them as they do change together with your evolution.

  1. 4.       What were the critical moments in your life and what you have learned out of that?

Failure is nothing more than an open lesson. Recall critical moments in your life when you have faced deep challenges and draw the lessons that you’ve learned. It will prove that out of each dark era you’ve gained more insight and uncovered new abilities.

  1. 5.       What are your talents?

What comes naturally to you and you do out of pure feeling and enjoyment is what defines your being. Getting to know your true talents sharpen your personality and place you in a space of manifestation where there is no doubt and fear.

       1.6.       What are your dreams?

A sense of purpose in life is a powerful driver, at times you are not even aware of having it. Look into your deepest dreams and build awareness around your living purpose. Connect your achievements with your moments of satisfaction and it will underline a path. Work on that to define your future goals and design your next steps.

  1. 7.       Who you compare yourself with?

Benchmarking yourself against other people or situations is a good evaluation system of your abilities and qualities, however we are all unique beings and our beliefs, experiences and actions system works differently from one to another.  In your confidence pursuit is good to start first with yourself and work your way up to the best version you could ever be. External factors are good as measurement parameters not as success definition.

       1.8.       What do you do when nobody sees you?

A sneak peek into the moments when you are alone with yourself will give you deep insight on how you feel and think about your own being. How do you make use of your time with yourself is a key answer to your confidence level? At times the hardest conversation is the one with your own self, so start listening to your thoughts and feeling as they transpire into everyday life through communication, attitude and actions. Your findings will direct you towards more investment into your own being, your self-education and happiness.

 Answering the above questions will give you a snapshot of where you are in terms of your confidence level and build  the  awareness  you need to maintain yourself within the space of achievement rather than extremes that works against your success.

Alina Iordache                          




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