Wrong Address

Today was a strange day. I got the address - house number 37. I remembered this so easy because it was the combination of a bright yellow 3 and a dark green 7. When the lady told me the number, I just memorized how it looks like – yellow curves and dark green edges.
I arrived at the address and had to realize, it was the wrong one. It was a tiny theatre in a narrow street. The lady wasn't there and she never had been. That's not possible, I thought. She must have messed around with me. But she didn't. On the search for her name on the door bells I ended up in front of number 39, which is yellow and kind of pinkish orange. What happened? Did she really tell me the wrong address by accident (which happens) or did I mix up the colours? I don't know. I was so sure about 37. About the strong contrast of yellow and dark green. I even told others where I have to go just right after the lady gave me her address.

My colour table for numbers:
1 - white/grey
2 – blue
3 - yellow
4 - light purple
5 - dark blue/black
6 - rose
7 - green/dark green/forest green
8 - red/dark red
9 - pinkish orange
0 - white

Depending on combination with other numbers, some colours vary in hue and brightness. How do your numbers look like?



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