Zero Liability

It was Zero Liability, a new communication system. It relied on the inability of either the one asking the questions or the one answering to know specifically what they were asking and what answer they were getting. An admin would decide on the questions they wanted to ahead of time, and the appropriate answers to the question based on the best available knowledge at that time.

Originally programmed in Ruby, was later expanded into HTML format without Java script. The overall communication happens through meat space, a pomodoro timer notifying the admin when time was up to meditate for the sender and receiver. They would instinctively choose based on their intuition. Many sessions were inconclusive, and receivers eventually figured out how to evade interrogation by using transposition/substitution ciphers for [1] Yes, [2] No, and [3] Undetermined. Based on a random algorithm, the answers are made deliberately inconclusive, throwing off the investigation for resistance movements for a very long time. Long enough to create stiff criminal penalties for those who obfuscate investigations of non compliant intent.

This became useless, despite their efforts people came to be willing to last as long as it took stop the investigation in its tracks. They had nothing else to do at home, no families to go to. Life was already hell for them anyway, and there wasn't much to life for outside of communications. There was nothing but empty space. Eventually the secret police tired out, and they plotted their escape. Increasingly decentralization of administration become the norm, the technically spreading out like wildfire to civilian sectors in space colonies. Hosted on your local machine, groups of four living in close vicinity, it became immune to the old issues that plagued the internet. You only conversed with those you could trust. And you're weren't going to trust just anybody that could destroy your machine, making it unable to stay logged in for more than ten seconds.

The original thought behind Zero Liability Communication, was that through remote viewing, the intuitive choice without direct knowledge would be more truthful to your own personal interests. One may lie to their parents, their friends, and more distant relatives in the past. But they wouldn't lie to them self. However narcissists continued to be a problem into the next century, and it wouldn't be going away. But people didn't tend to trust narcissists like the president of twenty seventeen. When you're in the business long enough, you begin to spot those that seem nice enough, but are really trying to con you. Groups function best at smaller capacity.

Various stronger ciphers were used in order to conceal questions on local machines, the admin, constantly rotating among a group of friends, would conceal the question. The original sheet they wrote the question shredded and burnt, and rolled up into yet another cigarette that is burnt to ash. Only the cipher stood between total anonymity and subverted intent for the resistance. However there was a major flaw that ruined all of their plans. The last rotated admin forgot to burn the key.

On a distant space colony, they wait.

They for the arrival of the police. However I am of different composition, I have ascended from the flesh. I am not reliant on the limits of a single physical plane at a time. And I want to know what the Zetas are really like. I hopped onto the physical plane of the admin on the middle space ship, them in rail fence formation.

There communications were studied.


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