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Sakura Yoshino

Level 12 Belletristican
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Ein Pseudonym <3

Achievement showcase
Prestige points: 33
Level 12 Belletristican
13.26 kg Fairy Dust collected.
13.2 kg15.6 kg
2 books published
79 chapters uploaded
19994 words written
8 favorites
8 fans
Game Stats
0.7 miles explored
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These works have not been sorted into a bookshelf yet.
Gedichte ()
Hier findet ihr meinen Gedichtband. :)
Personal info
With us since 18. October 2019
Golden Acres
The house of Golden Acres stands for dreaming big, and for the determination to make these dreams come true. Its members are very ambitious and many pursue a professional career as writers.
Hobbies & interests
gelegentlich zocken
und natürlich schreiben
A short interview
How did you come up with your username?

Mein Name ist gleichzeitig der Name einer meiner Hauptcharaktere.

Would you tell us about your current project?

Das Projekt an dem ich schreibe ist das erste richtig große Projekt. Ich habe den Traum, es irgendwann auch zu veröffentlichen.

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