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Der Patsche

Level 3 Belletristican
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„Ich mache dir ein Angebot, das du nicht ablehnen kannst.“ /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\

Der Patsche is already with us for 1 year.
Level 3 Belletristican
790.0 g Fairy Dust collected.
600 g1.2 kg
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Godfartherus Patschibald
With us since 10. November 2019
Winter Spires
The house of Winter Spires stands for complete perfection and for mastering the craft of writing. Its members dedicate themselves to their art and they usually enjoy to receive harsh but honest criticism.
About me

„Was habe ich dir getan, dass du mich so respektlos behandelst? Du kommst in mein Haus, am Hochzeitstag meiner Tochter und bittest mich einen Mord zu begehen.“

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Der Pate
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Aus einem Insider heraus.

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