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Atras Obsblood

Level 9 Belletristican
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"there is no 'normal' or 'weirdo' - it's called 'individuality'" ~ me

"nothing's impossible as long as it's not proven to be" ~ me


> Curi/Athija

> 15 years old

> hobby pianist (still learning)

> fantasy/scifi/drama/action

> metalhead

> INTJ-T (I think that's enough of a personality description)

> potterhead:

> proud Slytherin

> for the Greater Good

> marvel-obsessed:

> proud member of Loki's army

> Team Cap

> love you 3000

> whatever it takes

> death note fan:

> without L the world is just a word but it would be a dark world without Light

> unknown books that are worth reading:

> Gone (Michael Grant)

> Oksa Pollock (Cendrine Wolf, Anne Plichota)

> The Analyst (John Katzenbach)



> Grindeldore

> Dramione

> Snily

> Wolfstar

> Stucky

> Clintasha

> Frostiron

> Scarlet Vision

> Lawlight


> always up for a little chit chat

> topics

> any fandom I listed

> psychology and anything about society (don't worry if you're a critical thinker, me too)

> music

> roleplays (mostly about my fandoms, shippings are not necessary, I prefer playing an OC)

> pls don't come to me with personal problems, the chance of me making it worse is pretty high since I'm pretty sh*tty at emotions and stuff

> if we just don't get along with each other, I'm sorry but that's me, I won't change for you

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Level 9 Belletristican
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Wanderers don't feel like they belong to any of the four great houses, or they somehow identify with all of them at once. Whatever the case, they made the active decision to stay free and independent.
About me

Hey guys, so uhm... I should tell you something about me... I'm not sure what exactly but I think I'll just start now.

Well, I'm fifteen years old and I started writing maybe two years ago (okay, I just mean that real, serious story writing with really continuing the story... you know what I mean XD). I was pretty bored in my philosophy classes and I was like "hey, that friend of mine is writing poems and stories the whole time, then I can do that too!" and then I just wrote a poem and I'm still proud of this first serious poem being the one of the best I've ever written. Sry not sry.

To continue, I was writing poems and poetry slams out of boredom and then I discovered Wattpad, where I first published them (my profile over there is linked on this profile). I was happy with Wattpad until I heard how people complained about it (recently I saw myself what they meant) and I heard that some of them were changing to Belletristica. And I was like "well... you can try it too". And to be honest (no, I don't wanna sound like some kind of advertisement), the people here are wayyy friendlier. You don't get hate just because you wrote something from which someone else thinks that it's wrong, here you can have an objective discussion about it (at least that's my impression by now). And that's what's really important to me.

Okay, now I noticed that this was more about my writing history than about myself... Have I already told you that it's hard for me to really open up to somebody? Now you know.

Well, I am kinda unemotional sometimes, so pls don't come to me if you need to talk. I mean, I can try to listen and to help, but it's very likely that I'll be sitting in front of my screen like "what the hell am I supposed to say now to make you feel better or at least not worse?". I really don't wanna hurt your feelings and I honestly don't want to get in such situations, so pls, if you seriously need to talk - not here.

Okay, I am a little piece of sh*t when it comes to emotions, but what I really enjoy are objective discussions about topics I'm interested in, like science and psychology, also philosophy. So if you are bored...

Another thing about me: I'm almost constantly bored (unless I'm actually doing school stuff and don't just procrastinate). And if I'm bored (like right now, the reason why I'm writing this way too long description about myself), I tend to write stupid sh*t. So if you read something senseless coming from me, I'm probably bored. Or tired. Or both.

I absolutely love the English language (if that hasn't been clear before). It is just so smooth. But still there are moments in which I hate that there are no words for incredible beautiful German words in English. I forgot my examples, so you'll have to find that out by yourself (however that is going to work out).

I am a big fan of music, especially different kinds of metal. Currently I'm listening to FFDP and various other songs from different artists. If you say that metal has no soul and is just screaming, then you can walk out that door portrayed by a "back" button... Or you just don't bother me with it, then you can stay.

Other music I love is mostly acoustic, indie and alternative. For me, the lyrics need to have a meaning. Or I need a connection to the song (like childhood memories).

I know that there's probably much more to say about myself, but right now I can't think of all of it. So that's all for now. Congrats if you made it to this point!

Hobbies & interests
hunger games
Within Temtation
Linkin Park
Billie Eilish
Imagine Dragons
Fall Out Boy
Movies & Series
Death Note
Harry Potter
A short interview
How and when did you first discover your passion for the world of literature?

Als ich in meiner Schule mit meiner Schwester eine AG zum kreativen Schreiben besucht habe. Etwa zu dem Zeitpunkt ist mir klar geworden, dass ich wirklich mehr als nur einen kleinen Poetry Slam oder ein Gedicht schreiben kann, sondern auch ganze Geschichten. Außerdem habe ich andauernd in den Philosophie-Stunden Gedichte geschrieben, weil der Lehrer den Unterricht dezent langweilig gestaltet hat.

Do you favor stories or poetry? Or rather a mix of both?

Beides. Aber Gedichte kann ich besser schreiben. Obwohl ich jetzt gemerkt habe, dass mir Geschichten doch gar nicht so schlecht liegen.

Are there other arts you enjoy. Like music, painting or something else?

Die Musik, auf jeden Fall. Musik hilft mir, meine Gefühle auszuleben, wenn ich es anders nicht kann.

What's your favorite book? Or your favorite books, if there are more.

Ich habe kein wirkliches Lieblingsbuch. Sie überzeugen mich alle auf ihre eigene Art und Weise.

Would you tell us about your current project?

Meine Gedichte sind fast alle hochgeladen, eventuell kommt bald noch eins. Eine englische Kurzgeschichte ist auch in Planung, hier geht es um eine Welt, in der die Menschheit von Dämonen heimgesucht wird. Sie heißt "Status: Haunted".

How did you come up with your username?

Über eine Website, die Namen generiert. Als Inspiration habe ich einen meiner Usernamen von einer anderen Website genommen und das ist halt dabei rausgekommen.

What is your greatest dream?

Weiß nicht genau. Ein sorgloses Leben.

Is writing a hobby for you or are you planning to go professional?

Aktuell noch hobbymäßig, ich spiele aber mit dem Gedanken, auch mal irgendwann etwas zu veröffentlichen.

Do you like to have a plan or are you a discovery writer?

Ich würde gerne planen, bin aber leider eher Discovery Writer. Bei mir könnte man das eine oder andere aufgeschobene Werk finden, wenn ich wirklich alles planen würde.

What genres do you enjoy to read and write the most?

Fantasy, Poesie, SciFi, Comedy und Action

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