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Kathy Heap-Escanor-Mcforest

Level 46 Belletristican
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ATTENTION - SECOND ACCOUNT: Die Welt von Elensar - zusammen mit Cam.

Zeichnungen zu meine Charakteren nun auch auf Instagram: @ladisathil_art

ATTENTION - My Full Belle Name:

Kathy "Katzy" Heap-Escanor-Mcforest-TypInSchwarz-Duke, Pirathy, Geisterkatze, Artemis, Guardian Angel, Mother of the fairy Belle, KathyChan, Mondhexe, Baby, Sathil, Lady Sathil, Moonpie

Hi, my name's Kathy and I'm a hobby artist and writer. I've created two different fantasy worlds, one online during role-play and the other long long ago as child. Over the last couple of years, I tried to get some background stories done for my oldest world, Elensar. My main world tho became Aurenien and its characters. I hope I can finish this project one day when I find more time to write again :)

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Level 46 Belletristican
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