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Level 11 Belletristican
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I'm a 22-year old teaching student, who would love to consider herself a writer, but all I do is just spill all my feelings on a sheet of paper. I love to write, because I think that this is somehow a way to reach your own unconsciousness; I often find myself writing something, without really thinking about it, and later on it makes perfect sense - or it reveals something about myself I haven't thought of before. I also love singing, and every other form of art. Although my native language is german, I prefer to write in english - it gives me some kind of surreal distance from what I write. Thanks to everyone for all that positive feedback I receive since I'm here on belletristica, it really means so so much to me, and it's the main reason I started putting myself out there as a (song)writer. Thank you so much.
lumenluminis is already with us for 4 years.
Level 11 Belletristican
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Lucia M.
With us since 28. September 2015
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