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Alina Iordache

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The Self Retrieval Guide is a life journey that blends self knowledge with business methodologies aiming to drive success, happiness and fulfilment. The Self Retrieval Guide works backwards, using external knowledge and directing it to your own life. A lot of work has been done in every business field to increase customer satisfaction and awareness, success and profitability. What if we can use that knowledge to become successful, fulfilled, satisfied and happy in our every day life. What if project management can help us sort out the most difficult situation we are facing, what if recruitment can direct us into an open conversation with our own self, what if sales can teach us persuasion and focus,etc Are you ready to travel the path of full discovery and tune into deep emotional connection with your inner self? Stay tuned for the Self Retrieval Guide with inspiring articles, motivational videos and photos on how to know yourself better and make the best of out of your journey!
Alina Iordache is already with us for 3 years.
Level 2 Belletristican
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