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☆ Neophyte & Expert Procrastinator.

☆ INFP | Martial Artist | A Resin Artist & Graphic Designer.

☆ A Daughter of Aries | House Ravenclaw | … Just A Humble Hobbit.

☆ As a writer, I'll always consider myself a novice just trying to grow and improve her craft. I write when the mood strikes and publish when I feel pieces are ready or close to completion. I wish to professionally publish a novel someday, so any feedback is much appreciated.

☆ Most of my works are mature but nothing too heavy, or else you'll find it listed in the underworld. I WRITE Paranormal/Supernatural, Fantasy, Adventure, Wu Xia & FanFiction. All with a touch of comedy, tragedy and a little bit of romance.

☆ Check out the ABOUT ME tab for more nonsense.

Welcome to my page and indulge!

"Be Water, My Friend." - Bruce Lee

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Original Works - Various Genres - Lengthy Beauties.
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Larissa E. Chesser
9. April
Kentucky, U.S.A
With us since 2. January 2021
Wanderers don't feel like they belong to any of the four great houses, or they somehow identify with all of them at once. Whatever the case, they made the active decision to stay free and independent.
About me


☆ I'm a Wattpad Refugee. - Although I still have a homestead there, it is less active. I came here to rid myself of negativity, cyberbullies, unfair ranks and just the overall toxicity that platform carries.

☆ When I'm not writing, I'm a full time workaholic living and part time Artist. I love to paint and work with resin crafts. Currently working on opening up my first ETSY shop to sell my creations!

☆ I am a big Nerd! - I love videogames, comic books, cosplay, some anime, superheroes, you name it. Huge lover of MARVEL. My top 5 favorite characters are Cap.America (Steve Rogers) Wolverine/X-23, Hawkeye (Clint), Spiderman (Parker) & Shang-Chi.

☆ An Average MARTIAL ARTIST. I grew up watching Wu Xia and old kung fu films. I fell in love with the Eastern can even say I have an Asian kink. I have a huge crush on Donnie Yen and I love his work. I also hold a great admiration for Bruce Lee.

☆ Farm girl and animal lover here! I've cared for everything under the sun. From domestic cats and dogs, to life, to exotics like reptiles and tarantulas. I love them all and hold zero tolerance to anyone who mistreats animals.


☆ All my creations are in ENGLISH, I'm currently not allowing any translations.

☆ I love to read/write FANTASY, PARANORMAL, ADVENTURE & FANFIC genres. I'm currently working on expanding and exploring Romance and Sci-Fi.

☆ College entry level graphic designer - I MAKE BOOK COVERS for my stories as well as for other people who needs one. (Belletristica/Wattpad only)

☆ I ACTUALLY professionally published my first book fresh out of high school. A small accomplishment but I'm not bragging because it was cringeworthy.

- I hope to grow and officially become a published author someday.

Hobbies & interests
Reading & Writing
Jewelry & Crafts.
Graphic design
Stephen King
Marie V. Snyder
J.R.R Tolkien
George R.R Martin
Peter S. Beagle
Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit
Supernatural Novel Series
The Last Unicorn
Harry Potter
The Martian
Classic/Hard/Alt. Rock
Country (older versions)
Linkin Park
Two Steps From Hell
Yoko Shiromura
Hans Zimmer
James Horner
Movies & Series
Star Wars
Indiana Jones
Karate Kid/Cobra Kai
The Golden Girls
The Rookie
Final Fantasy
Kingdom Hearts
Legend of Zelda
Super Mario Bros.
Tomb Raider
The Last of Us
Mortal Kombat
Martial Arts
A short interview
Do you favor stories or poetry? Or rather a mix of both?

Stories. Although, I am experimenting with poetry.

Do you like to have a plan or are you a discovery writer?


I like to plan things out, but they don't always go as expected so that's when discovery comes in handy.

Are there other arts you enjoy. Like music, painting or something else?

Painting, Pours, Wire Jewelry and Wood Crafts.

I sell on Etsy.

How and when did you first discover your passion for the world of literature?

I've been writing since I was able to read. Stories mostly inspired by the dreams I have.

Is writing a hobby for you or are you planning to go professional?

Its a hobby, but I hope to self publish someday.

How did you come up with your username?

A haunting, yet beautiful melody from Final Fantasy X. - and also my business logo.

What genres do you enjoy to read and write the most?

I actually have a personal goal to write one of each genre.

However Fantasy Adventures, & Paranormal Mysteries have my heart.

What's your favorite book? Or your favorite books, if there are more.

Whew, where do I even start? I'm an avid reader, but I'll have to say Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit.

Would you tell us about your current project?

I actually have two...

I. Zanarkin Rune (3 book series) A beautiful medieval fantasy about a group of unlikely allies and races come together to safe their dying world torn from war.

II. The BlackWood Saga. (4 book series) A short series of supernatural mysteries where two brothers, a werewolf and a kitsune, survive modern society while being hunted by their past.

What is your greatest dream?

Live my life to the fullest.

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