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Level 12 Belletristican
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Hello, I will be working on a piece that I am very passionate about for the foreseeable future and will not be able to respond to comments and messages right away. Please don't take it personally, I will eventually get back to you when I have the time!

"The more you learn,the more exposed you are to the things you don't know."

-Albert Einstein.

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning."

-Albert Einstein.

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Level 12 Belletristican
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25000 words written
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Personal info
Max larson
14. May, 16 years old
Hell, new jersy
A Pinapple
With us since 8. January 2021
Winter Spires
The house of Winter Spires stands for complete perfection and for mastering the craft of writing. Its members dedicate themselves to their art and they usually enjoy to receive harsh but honest criticism.
About me

I Like rats and snakes Im also pansexual and non binary!(They/Them pronouns please!) For right now you can find me on facebook and roblox.

Hobbies & interests
making smoothies for my family!
Final fantasy
pychological horror
slice of life
80's alternative rock
Foo fighters
Nightcore (Yes I had THE fase)
Any Anime intro
Movies & Series
Fairy tail
yandere dev.
Little witch acedemia
Death note
The promised neverland
yandere simulator
odd eye
MHA Battle Royal
street fighters
and volleyball
cross country
some speed cubing
A short interview
Is writing a hobby for you or are you planning to go professional?

writing is sort of a hobby for me, however I plan to use it in the future for manga and comics that I will write for and immersive storyline and strong characters/ character development.

How did you come up with your username?

I am a rat I act like one, I eat total garbage like them and consistently eat rat poison.

Are there other arts you enjoy. Like music, painting or something else?

I like many art, I used to play the cello, I am currently learning to play guitar, I did dance for six years in a row, I have been in choir for five years, I write and sketch, I also dabble in painting!

How and when did you first discover your passion for the world of literature?

I always wanted something specific in mind when looking for a book to read, so I decided to create my own. though I haven't been at it long, I look forward to being a self publisher when I get a bit older.

Do you like to have a plan or are you a discovery writer?

I like to wait for inspiration to hit when I try to write the next chapter of a book, though I do have a plan when it comes to plot, I don't go in blind. I go in with a basic idea then start to write until I hit that mark.

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