A lab from the future

As soon as I arrived, I waited in front of the lab. The door was open.                           This lab was so huge it seemed so futuristic, full of advanced devices.

"Good morning." Spoke a young woman. She stood at a table with Dr. Henry. She looked very familiar to me.

"Anna meet–" Dr. Henry started to say.

"Tyler Jeff." Anna interrupted "I know him, doctor." Doctor Henry looked at her wonderingly.

"I have already met Anna three years ago back in Moscow." I said.

"Nice to hear, but in the mean time Anna should make some tests on you to see what's wrong with your body." The doctor crossed his arms. "Tell me, what exactly happened to freak you out that much?"

"Well after you left, the doctor came in to check my vitals. Then he connected me to a device through which he can measure my heart rate. The device blew up suddenly somehow and the doctor was electrocuted. I don't know how he is right now." I slightly held my hand nervously. "I saw my hand illuminating and then felt like electricity was flowing through me. More over, I saw these little sparks being emitted from my fingers."

"That's pretty weird, Anna! Could you make an analysis for his blood sample?" asked Dr. Henry.

"Sure, Doctor. Follow me that way Tyler."

I followed her as she was taking me on a tour inside the huge lab. We entered a room to be tested. It was full of advanced medical devices, most I couldn't even recognize. "Wow what a a lot of cool stuff, where did you get all of that?" I asked.

"I think you mean who invented them!" Anna said.

"What do you mean by invented?" I was curious.

"Doctor Henry, and with the help of some scientists they were able to invent a lot of advanced technology that no one could ever imagine." she answered.

While settling in the room, she took my blood sample to test it. She brought up the topic about the day we met. I remember it quiet well.

It was three years ago in Russia. While I was walking with a friend and drinking a juice, I accidentally bumped into someone and spilled most of my drink on her coat. So I took a tissue to clean her coat while sparing the girl a glance. She was a blonde, blue eyed girl, a girl who looked about my age.

She said something in Russian and I couldn't understand. My friend translated to me: "She says it's okay."

She realized I was American and told me: "Next time you walk, open your eyes." She said that, smiled and left us as I couldn't turn my gaze away from her.

"She's beautiful, huh?" My friend said.

"What? Oh right. She is." I admitted and then he laughed when he saw my nervous reaction.

After some days passed, I was getting a coffee from a nearby cafe and there was a great coincidence meeting her again.

"Um, I can talk to her. Yes i can talk–," I said that to myself founding her coming toward me. "You again! What are you gonna spill on me this time?" She said.

I quickly thought to myself, What should I tell her what should I..???

"I'm really sorry for what happened before, I didn't mean to..." I stammered.

"It's fine, I'm just kidding! I'm Anna, nice to meet you." she shook my hands.

"Your American accent is really great," I pointed out.

"Yes, my dad is American, mom is Russian." she said.

"So nice to meet you Anna, my name is Tyler, Tyler Jeff. I'm 21 years old, what about you?"

"I will be 21 next Monday." She told me. "So Tyler, what brought you to Russia?" She asked .

"I'm visiting a friend. You can probably say I'm a tourist." We began a long conversation about ourselves, getting to know each other well. Soon enough we became friends.

A beeping sound goes off as my blood sample test is finished. Anna went to get the results. She was staring at the monitor in disbelief.

"Impossible... This is the definition of the impossible." Her voice shook. "Doctor! You need to come see this."

When Dr. Henry came in the room, Anna played the video of my blood sample and then there was the surprise.

"Th-This is not possible!" Dr. Henry exclaimed.

"What's wrong, Doctor? What's wrong with my blood sample? What the hell did this meteor do to me?" I said, having a sudden horrifying feeling run through my skin. I looked at the screen in a surprise to find my red blood cells producing a kind of electricity between each other. This was very unnatural to all of us. Seeing human red blood cells producing electricity, this was a first.

"Anna check his brain activity right now," said Dr Henry. Anna put me in a device in order to do that. When she turned it on, she found out I had an excess of electricity all over my body.

"This is not normal for a human. I mean, Each neuron in the human brain possesses the ability to accumulate a charge across its cell membrane, which results in a small, but meaningful voltage. The average neuron contains a resting voltage of approximately 70 millivolts. Your resting voltage is 10,590 volts which practically means you're not human anymore." Dr. Henry said.

"What kind of meteor in this universe can affect a human this way, And how i'm still alive ?" I couldn't believe that this was happening to me.

"Yeah if it's even from this universe." Anna added.

"What? This universe!? What do you mean by that?"

"What she's trying to say is, apparently that meteor isn't from the universe we're living in now , And you're living because your DNA sequence has changed and your body has found a way to adapt with such a great potential difference in your neurons." Henry explained.

I told him, "Explain more about the meteor origin. I just don't follow."

"I'm a close friend with the director of NASA. He informed me directly before this meteor impact that there's a zero-percent possibility of stopping it from entering our atmosphere. It was not big, but I got a recorded video by one of their telescopes. This meteor didn't even exist on the map of our solar system." He said.

"So, how did it arrive then?" I asked.

"The telescope recorded a video containing a portal opening near Mars. According to the calculations, the meteor was moving moving by 0.84 % speed of light  and was then slowing gradually. As it reached the earth, there was a slight disturbance in earth's magnetic field. This thing caused a sudden change in weather to places of it's nearest location. When this meteor passed from the atmosphere," Dr. Henry told me, "the clouds formed circularly around a space full of lightning bolts. And as it was falling, the rock wasn't burning, as any other meteor should, until it hit the earth. While being struck by lightning, it hit you and a lot of people, including your friend."

"So probably my friend is affected somehow too." I told him.

"We are not yet sure." Anna confessed.

Breaking news showed up on another monitor. "The army took the meteor to be put it in a safe place. There is also a disturbance in gravity near the hospital as we have just been informed by the well-known  Meteorologist Lewis Clark ." We took the news and were all dismayed.






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