Midnight had come, the skies were so dark,
no stars were to see but there was a spark.
A flickering light at the edge of the trees,
was floating around in the summernight's breeze.

I wandered outside, 'cause I needed to know,
just what was the source of this unearthly glow?
Across the meadow lied an ancient wood,
I wanted to enter, didn't know if I should.

It was when I almost reached the strange light,
that it suddenly fled to the depths of the night.
And while I still pondered if i should go on,
It was to late to follow, the apparition was gone.

So I walked back home but I still had the feeling,
that I wasn't alone and this thought had me reeling.
I arrived at my house, I fell straight into bed,
but what I saw next nearly scared me to dead.

The very moment when I turned off the light,
my room filled with sparks and they were oh so bright.
They all danced and wipspered before they went black,
»Leave us alone and do never come back«


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    Abo for you :D

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    Ein wunderschönes Gedicht! So mystisch und etwas traurig. Gefällt mir sehr!

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    Der letzte Satz macht mich neugierig...wer waren die leuchtenden Wesen?

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    Sehr schön, aber auch traurig, der letzte Satz **




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