To the East
stands a tower of golden fires
that touches the land with glistening spires.
To the West
stands another, of ember red
that puts the Earth to ashen bed.

The first can't stand without the last,
the former is the latter's past.
For though one is the second's brother,
since they were born, has never seen the other.


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    Nice poem. I had to read it more than one time but I think I figured it now :)

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    A really great little riddle. I think I too might know the answer :)

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    Genial! Wirklich, wirklich genial! Deine Gedichte sind wohl nicht nur auf Deutsch episch. Ich glaube übrigens die Antwort zu kennen -> ich schreibs dir per PM, damit andere auch noch ihren Spaß am Rätselraten haben. :D




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