hey you, remember me?
i'm your inner voice
i overheard it when you said
that you barely have energy, recently
and i know you haven't got much choice

at the same time, you have all the choices in the world
and right now you're just a scared little girl
because of exactly that
and while you know you don't have it that bad
you're still afraid of what's to come
and of what you'll make out of your life
unlike some

who figure out their goal
at a young age of five
but i know what your soul
really wants

you were the child in school
who drew pictures for everyone else
and from that time on you've been a fool
in love for art in all it's forms

and remember those songs you wrote when you were in forth grade?
remember when you were eleven and started writing your first book?
or later in high school all the poems, little works of art you've made
sometimes you even sang!
it made your heart swell 
with joy

and in your final year of high school you were struggling with yourself
remember how much strength that took?
and all you did was drawing self portraits
and that's how you overcame your past
and learned how to draw almost photorealistically well

you're an artist, you've always been
think of all the things that can be seen
through your pencil stroke
your written words

i know sometimes being yourself fucking hurts
i remember all the times you nearly broke

but if you ask me what's the gain
i ask you is it really that bad
to make beauty out of pain?
cause there are people who'd be glad
to have that escape

kid, you keep forgetting where your heart is
you're a godforsaken artist


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    The last sentence is the best sentence in the whole poem. It's soo touching! Nice work

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    Beautifull Voice!!!

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    I could read it and listen to it over and over again. It's such a beautiful poem and fits so good to my feelings. Good job! 5/5

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    It's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good ^-^

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    love it, dear!

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    It's really touching :') I think nearly everybody can identify with your poem^^ I love it <3

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    Somehow we are all little artists inside and I think your poem describes the 'past' and unspoken thoughts of so many of us. I really like it :) 5/5

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    Very beautiful, and it touched me deep inside. A very important message!!

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    Why does this make my eyes fill with tears and my heart feel heavy? It's like the words in my head, you spoke them out loud. I love it Kisha, dear. life isn't easy and living it the way we want it to be as well, but you're right, we shouldn't lose our passion and dreams, that make the world colourful and fills us with joy and hope. We will make our way by ourselves, in our very own way cause we are dreamers, artists, loved ones, students of life, we are just so much more. <3




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