In this world of scattered hope
after all with which we coped
we plummet further down the slopes
chasing death as war elopes
the losing game of tug-the-rope
between Mohammad and the popes
turning gods to misanthropes

with their darkness they "enlighten"
bewitching minds of those they frighten
submerging nations as they heighten
on the backs of armored titans
they cover our eyes,
so we follow those without them

halves are turning on each other
as they take their final breath
forcing brother against brother
feeding corpses starved to death
to our gluttonous step-mother

surrender empathy to its impugner
with the voice of reason in prison
swear allegiance to the fuhrer
and the world's end that he quickens
we're dooming our future
by murdering our children

curse the mosque and curse the church
for asking mankind to diverge
with filthy mouths that chant of purge
and push existence to the verge

by the jihads and crusades
only hatred can increase
obey the truth before it fades
only love will bring true peace.





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