Maybe there once was an ocean
that fell so deeply in love with a puddle
and even if the puddle loved the ocean back
it would never work out
it would never work, no matter how much the ocean felt like home to the puddle
As the ocean would have swallowed it, swallowed it with every single wave
while trying to get closer.

And maybe
that's how it will always be

I can't help but wanting to know what you think about at long night-carrides.
When it seems like the moon would follow you everywhere you go.
I want to know how it felt to fall asleep 
on the day you left your father
as I know this feeing, too. 
If it was a never ending burn in your throat and a cut, so deeply wounding you chest, aswell. And if you felt like you could never breathe again.
I want to know if you like airports, 
I want to know why you want to leave so badly
And I want to know what you feel when you sing to the radio. 

Show me 
you are

Show me what lies beneath 
everything you own
you just show me which kind of human you are
and I promise I had that figured out from the start.

And maybe
maybe it's so wrong the way your voice feels more like home than a place ever could
And the slightest touch feels so right
It's killing me, how something can feel so safe
When at the same time;
you hold my hand and my heart like it's yours to have
and I know that you'll never get me.
Maybe you have your facades
and that's what you are
But maybe I am the sea
swallowing you 
If I don't put on a facade.


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    I Like/Love it. ^-^

  • Author Portrait

    Nice one. Very poetic and give something to think about :)




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