Mama you're not human
don't think you ever were
won't you shut your drooling mouth
for I can't do this anymore

I know every word was false
every hug a filthy lie
you gave birth to something living
so that you could make it die

Mama, who will follow when you go
who will wipe away your tears
when you reap what you have sowed
half a life instilled with fears

Do you ever look and see
the living corpse that I've become
twenty years and dying slowly
not a thing that can be done

Mama will you talk to walls
when I'm fully gone and grown
crying in a woman's arms
while you hate and die alone

None will wreath your empty grave
not an eyedrop will be spilt
when you're finally in hell
eaten by eternal guilt

Mama where's the mother
that existed in you once
with her shining hopes and dreams
of good lives and loving sons

I know now what no one wants to
my life's a bet, my mind's a toy
I'm the pet and you the witch
who repressed and killed her boy.





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