After hearing the weird news Dr. Henry asked Anna to go and cover around the hospital.

I was still at the lab with Dr. Henry. I couldn't understand how gravity could even be disturbed so I asked Dr. Henry about this.

"It's pretty weird Tyler. This meteor is too small to even possess such a great magnetic field like that..."

"So that means that this thing can attract an entire planet to its orbit... I mean, how did it land if it has that great of a magnetic field?"

"Its magnetic field changes periodically with time. Sometimes it's high, and sometimes it's normal. We don't know what else this thing is capable of, but from my perspective–which about this object I'm sure of–it isn't just a meteor, it's more than that. Even if it's a meteor, it should be different in appearance, different than what we saw in it's metallic form . I don't know how it could just create lightning, absorb it, and then re-emit the strikes. When it landed, it's one of its kind. We have never seen something like that before, and that's why it didn't put the earth in an orbit, and that's so..." he started trailing off.

As we were watching the news, we saw cars and people flying around the hospital. The tv reporter interrupted, "It's very peculiar as we are seeing things from ground being lift up. Suddenly there are 17 people are injured and no one is d--."

"It appears we have lost connection with our reporter " said the TV announcer.

"What just happened!" I was in confusion. What on the earth was going on?

-1 hour ago at the hospital-

"Check his blood pressure. What's his name again?" A doctor asked the nurse.

"John Wayne, sir." While she was going to pick up the blood pressure measuring device. Doing so, she found herself weightless and everything around was levitating for a short amount of seconds. Suddenly, she felt on the ground, losing her consciousness. The doctor experienced the same, but he woke up after a minute, slightly dazed. He found everything in a mess; the whole room looked like it was hit by an earthquake, papers scattered and glass shattered all over. John was standing next to him, removing all of the tubes and wires that were put in his hand and brain.

"You can't just do that, go back where you were." The doctor told John.

"Who the hell are you to tell me what to do?"

The doctor was trying to pick up a syringe but John observed that and the doctor's face turned nervous.

"You can't do anything to me." For the first time, he accidentally manipulated the gravity in the room, causing the doctor to crash on the top of it as he fell to the ground again. John felt a little panic and woke up the nurse. She quickly stood up, freaking out about the doctor.

"Stay with me doctor, stay with me! What did u do to him? What did you do to him..." the nurse cried as she shook his still body.

John was bewildered of what he's done and ran outside to the street, wearing his black hood and cap. People were glancing towards him and some staring. He felt extremely nervous and shouted at them all . A police man got out of his car just a few more steps ahead.

"Hey now, you are terrorizing people. Stay where you are." said the police man as he came closer. John raised his hands up and moved it down so fast that once again he has manipulated the gravity by accident. People and cars in the area started to rise off the ground and were hitting the ground in an instant , some cars has been crashed to the ground like it was affected by hydraulic press

"What the hell did this thing do to me?" he exclaimed in fear as he continued running away and hiding from the police. then the police man requested the immediate back up

-Present time-

Anna rings the phone and Dr. Henry picks up on the other end.

"Are you okay Anna? Tell me what's going on there exactly."

"It's critical Henry... What we doubted became real. John is affected and we need help. We need help doct--" The call cut off.

Dr. Henry took his keys and went to the garage

"Wait, I'm going with you." I said.

"No you are not, you are not good to go. We don't know..."

"The thing you don't know is this is my friend and I'm the only one can stop him from doing whatever it is he is causing out there. No one else can." I told Dr. Henry and Dr. Henry couldn't say much more to me but ordered me to wear a hood so no one could recognize me. I approved and we both took a car to the hospital's neighboring street.

On arriving, the police stopped us from entering the area but one of them knew Dr. Henry and allowed us to get in. I asked the police to evacuate the surrounding area and prevent any media/tv guys to get in and make sure that no one is using any camera.

I saw John. He looked like a completely different person. I walked to him slowly after Dr. Henry gave me a syringe filled with a fluid to calm down and improve John's conditions. I kept it in my hand as I steadily moved as slowly as I could. Carefully watching his face while he was angry, I only saw my friend John. But maybe something inside was making me worry that it wasn't him.

Only a meter away from John, he saw me walking towards him along with the police behind me. Carrying their weapons and before speaking to him, he said "Oh oh oh, you are not afraid of me because no one can stop me." his voice boomed.

In order to make him sure that I mean him no harm, I checked the street, the cars, the buildings as well, and there was no one but me, him, Dr. Henry, Anna and the police. I revealed my identity to John. "Is that you Tyler? I thought you were my friend. You should have been by my side in the hospital. And now they sent you as a bait to stop me!" he yelled.

"No, no it's not like that! Come on John you have no idea what happened to me!" I told him that he started to be angry again.

He noticed the syringe in my hand. "You can't stop me Tyler!" He shouted and suddenly I found myself up the ground, felt zero-gravity, looking at the sky.

"Oh my- John stop it!" I yelled as the syringe fell down. It was lost. I turned to him and I wasn't on the ground yet. I moved my hand toward him and the adrenaline level in my blood was so high, I was becoming more afraid. Instantaneously, long electric sparks formed out from my hand and hit his chest. I found him fainting and losing consciousness. Gravity came back and after I touched the ground I ran to get the syringe then inject John. I felt so tired after the whole incident that I had also fainted. but woke up in minutes hearing Dr. Henry speaking to the police.

"You know you can't Tommy, you can't just take him, this thing is super-powered and he can torture you guys." Dr. Henry tried to explain.

"He's coming with us to the lab." I said it in a low voice.

The police officer, Tommy, understood that he'd be just a threat to him . Dr. Henry and Anna helped me up and we took John to the lab to check him. John was put in the same device I was put in before. Anna started to check everything about him especially his mental activity.

"Analyze his blood Anna," said Dr. Henry. Anna took a blood sample and analyzed it. We all were waiting for the result.

"What the hell was that Doctor? I want my friend back. He's not even John, is he?" I asked him

"Tyler it's... it's too complicated. I don't really know what this." he replied.

"Oh no, that was unpredictable doctor." Anna interrupted.

"What's wrong Anna, tell me." I said. I couldn't explain the look in her face.

"It's... both of your DNA, proteins, blood, are different than regular human DNA structure. They have been completely changed that day this meteor came down."

"Anna prepare a meeting with Turner Smith after two hours." Dr. Henry told Anna.

"I'm coming with you." I told him.

"Listen to me Tyler, you can't go there. It's a classified location and the only thing you need to do is stay here next to John." I completely got it and looked at Anna and she nodded and I agreed. Dr. Henry left.

"I have to do something, stay here Terry." said Anna.

"Nice nickname, that's new." I told her and she smiled.

After a while, I followed her and found her in a room doing something like yoga, with only an apple in front of her. I didn't want to interrupt her from whatever she was doing because i thought she was praying or something. I kind of laughed secretly but after a quick second, I saw her looking at the apple and the apple was split into fragments. I freaked out and went back to stay next to John.





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