Arise, gladiators
it's your turn to fall.
in front of these spectators
where you're far too small

Caesar magnus..
Those who are about to die salute you!

Here we are
with eyes that burn
traveled this far
just to return

I'm not quite sure
that you understand
the things we endured
just to disband

so let me explain
how empty it feels
when all that we gained
is crushed by your heels


shoulder to shoulder
as brothers we stood
bolder and older
as much as we could

hearts wide open
for feelings to flow
deep secrets spoken
for truth to be shown

with hope in mind
and flame inside
incredibly blind
to how you lied

each of us is a hero
but to you we're a bet
we got here from zero
how dare you forget

we gave you our skin
and you made some new shoes
was it that easy to sin
and that boring to choose

blood, sweat and steel
we didn't care for the cost
never considered it real
that we already lost

crushing our dreams
and drinking our sun
you brought us to screams
I hope you had fun


but there's one thing you missed
right after we died
the way we were kissed
by vengeance that hides

the slaughtered clouds
we draped in crucified threads
of our eyes

the shivering mouths
that swore to bite off your heads
and end your lies.

Caesar magnus..
those who walk dead resent you.





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