it's not like i'm not giving my best
i just fear there isn't much to give
what if i am just not blessed
with the abilities one needs to live

the rest
of one of the brightest kids in class
consists of pieces and bits
that are lost in a fucking mess
made of happy pills and inner scars

there are too many worries
that can't find release 
i just cannot shake them
they fill me up
what if i break and
eventually stop
pushing on

will all my good traits be gone
before i grow up?


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    Hmm...this situation is not unknown to me...but I think that everybody can make it. It acquires just a different amount of time. Each person is different and not comparable to somebody else. ;)

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    Wow, that's a lot of angst. Now that I read it, I vaguely seem to remember having had this feeling quite sometimes, but not that hard and often that it would make a lasting memory.




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