my dream diary

Date of the dream: 10/16/2015
there was such a blonde woman in my dream, it is unknown to me but in the dream she was my boss. I was at the grocery store in the produce department and because quite a lot of water bottles and empty returnable bottles were in a shopping cart and the boss said to me: "Come on, we go play at the casino." and I said: ". No, I've already lost this month 100 €, now I'm not playing for six months" and she said: "Come on,"

Date of the dream: 09/27/2015
I was in Berlin and then the bell rang at the door and a guy asked me if I could lend him a loaf of bread, and I've done or said, he gives it back, and then I'm back down by train and there is the Type has gone by train fro said he needs me per my return but I am perched on the wrong train can include direction Karlsbad and come uncreated ne big dark-haired handsome man oh our french addressed to me

Date of the dream: 05/09/2015
Tomorrow two box with money I have a bunch taken I took a wad of cash, thus giving it the hotel have the police arrested then I am hiding and it was enough please breakfasted uncommon a beagle hath smelt and having my bag image but they are not purely come with me

Date of the dream: 08/16/2015
just so dirty is such a filthy never seen Casino oh dear was the chairs so dirty I had ten times the water alternating black coffee too many, not all sluts

Date of the dream: 08/13/2015
it is a dream come meadows want before and even a tree and I must tell you it's pretty wicked become of a plane crash terrorist because you done the bomb purely in a wing of the plane, but I've so cleverly and before the aircraft which you are doing runway relationship way on the runway, I was just about to set off somehow to attract the speech and lift I'm just gotten out and then I'm in the lake to swim that's paranoia I believe

Date of the dream: 08/09/2015
Aircraft wanted To crash down but I have known before and because we want a guy and there was make the bomb and wanted to bomb and I'm just disembarked

Date of the dream: 06/08/2015
So I was with my parents at home with Cici .and then I have to go and I said he must Cici let into my room and watch

Date of the dream: 01/08/2015
I wanted to go to my parents there was a limit to Stretch and my passport was demagged  but a woman took me with her ticket

Date of the dream: 07/30/2015
Fitness / gym / fitness Equipment . Suddenly i had so much muscles like arnorld schwarzenegger. Damn! 

Date of the dream: 05/30/2015
as was the dog of my parents and then Cici and I protected because the dog wanted to bite him but I got the dog carved
So I was at work there was a pond with fountain and toads a device was broken (6) and since seemingly hangs a € 20 in there, I got the translucent pull it out and it's torn 

Date of the dream: 05/29/2015
I was on a road stood opposite a casino. road was clear no traffic I went to the casino and all vending machines occupied only one left won next to the entrance was free then 1000 euro and then one was against free also won € 1000. and then I'm with an escalator up there were five ugly old men around a machine around a crouching and then plays I said hey there I € 20 clean and there were another 8 € top of one has stood up and has apologized the seat offered me and is for € 12. then I have the same free spins get and so gained about 900 € I got the man of the Service as works asked whether that can pay and who has said he does not know yet at the same time, the upper floor was not a casino more but a porcelain shop and a pink car (perhaps Maserati) is backwards rolled and has the staircase several levels to below the basement I pierced was then with the waitress in the basement and said he can not pay money to me but coke he gave several shopping bags full of me and I did it with the soupspoon eaten came to the guy  said then come we go to me but I said no because of the cops and then we are on journey came  to Newyork, and I was walking with a group on the highway on the way then I woke up

Date of the dream: 05/18/2015
I was in a small English town called burberry because it has previously always rained when I was there the sun came out

Date of the dream: 05/10/2015
sex in the broom closet with the technical guy 

Date of the dream: 05/05/2015
I had a suggery and woke up was blind they pull out my eyes and were laughing 







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