Part 6

- Around the world, various hell gates are open. Demons are pouring out of them, wounded. Satan himself appears on television: "Something has invaded hell. Humanity, we need your help!"

- In your dying moments, you see a "Game Over" screen with two options:
Try Again or End Game

- As you climb into your bed late at night, someone hurriedly knocks on the bedroom door.
"Dad, let me in! Mom's coming and she's armed. Please, Dad! You promised."
You are Single without children.

- You find out that a recurring character from your dreams is a comatose patient in the hospital you are in. 

- Death is lonely and is looking into getting a pet to cheer him up.
He chooses you.

- A fair has come to town with a strange funhouse. Inside is a mirror that shows the viewer the last thing they' ll see before they die.

- Every person has a certain word that, if spoken aloud in their presence, will cause them to die instantly. While clearing out an abandoned storage unit, you stumble upon a book that contains the name of every living person - and also reveals their death word. 

- You are a "Dreambender", a type of psychic who can change people's dreams for better or worse. One night, somebody comes to you with an unusual request. 

- A strange disease is spreading. The skin of everyone starts to look like crystal. What other effects does the disease have? Where did it come from? What happens if the crystal spreads over the whole body? And ... is there a cure? 

- You declare to the heavens that you will never fall in love.
Aphrodite herself took it as a challenge. 


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    Whoa ... der erste Punkt hier ist ja geil O.O Mir lief gerade ein Schauer über den Rücken >.< ... Punkt 4 ist auch ... *reibt sich die Arme*




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