It has not been in an atmosphere we have not been able to live in the Earth, and in just 4 short centuries the Earth was uninhabitable. It's a huge blow to the biosphere and to the Earthlings. There were only 2000 people that had survived the destruction of the habitability of our home planet, along with the DNA of every species documented.

The Humans have been trying to save the Earth for 200 years, but just 50 years of the industrial / computer era was enough for it to be too little, too late. There is too much heat, too much nuclear waste (thanks to the Great Nuclear War of 2056), and far too much pollution. There what the fact that Mother Nature's law - to survive and at all costs - has survived worked against our planet, with the population of being far too high for the Earth to be sustainable.

Of course, there was hope. There were over 800 space ships in orbit around the Earth, containing 2000 of the Earth's best scientists, ecologists, doctors, farmers, and astronauts. All of them would work together to protect the human race. But first they had a home, and almost.

One home would be too risky. The same thing could happen to their second home. They decided to send out plan-like robots to different planets and star systems, to detect if there were any that could support life.

Humans had mastered the power of wormholes, but they took over 6 months to prepare. The survivors decided to set up temporary farms on the stations they were on and then power down until the wormholes were ready. The space telescopes would detect possible habitable planets.

The humans had their work cut out for them. The team wanted to keep at least half of the space stations for emergency purposes, so there were 2 space stations that were able to put to the task. They calculated that with a 200-square-meter indoor sports field at each station, they could obviously have 400 square meters of farmland. They needed a bunch of water and so needed fertilizer and food.

It would be a massive engineering and agricultural effort for just 2,000 people, however, they would have to get it done or else the human race would become extinct.

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    Interesting Story! I sure hope that in reality, humanity is going to take a little longer with rendering the earth uninhabitable. Preferably not at all. The idea of exploring the universe and settle on other planets is fascinating tho. Anyways, nice start! I hope to see more of you soon :)




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