i love you
when it's half past midnight and you're a crying mess
a wailing thunderstorm
the night is dark and cloudy and you can't see the stars
everything's chaos and god, do i love you

i still love you when you wake up - still messy, still cloudy
your eyes swollen and puffy from crying
like the reddened clouds at dawn,
bothered by the first rays of light the day has to offer

i love you when your smile is wide and bright
i love you even when i can't see you through thick walls
i love you when you're out of reach, behind those curtains,
behind those windows

i love you when your eyes go to rest behind your lids
lashes whispering goodnight
and i think to myself oh my, what a beautiful sunset

and i will still love you. the next day. the next night.
no matter what


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    Einfach nur unglaublich schön!! :-)

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    This is one of the most beautiful poems, I've ever read! <333 I love it soooo much! <3




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