As the night layed down over the ocean,
as I wandered the shores all alone,
not a single leaf was in motion,
not a hint of a wind to be blown.

In the crescent moons shimmery glow,
it was when I first seemed to hear,
That troubling voice from below,
that suddenly crept to my ear.

I heard chantings, much like a whisper,
A distant and unearthly sound,
It was as if something sinister,
as if something bad were around.

As the voices stopped I could see,
my heart nearly broke through my chest,
strange women gathered around me,
and they were completly undressed.

My feet grew weak as they grabbed me,
I noticed I could hardly breathe,
They laughed and continued to drag me,
away to the rocks of the reef.

They brought me to her, she looked in my eyes,
The others just joyfully hissed,
Her eyes really seemed to hypnotize,
She pulled me close and we kissed.

My feet gave in, my knees hit the sand,
the moon was still shining above,
she smiled at me, she reached for my hand,
I couldn't help falling in love.

I threw myself into the waters,
and never again was I seen,
I swam away with the others,
away with the Mermaiden Queen.


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    Very beautiful :DDDDD

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    it´s so nice...i love it. Fantastic atmosphere .

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    Very beautiful! I Love it!

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    I just wanted to thank all of you for the views and the awesome ratings :) This is such a great community to be in and I really feel at home here.

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    How beautiful! Thank you so much for posting this! PS.: I truly love Mermaids <3

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    Kisha's awesome poem inspired me to try something ocean-themed myself. I hope you enjoy ;)




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