In the void where I have seen
the bleeding image of tomorrow
I have left the overweight
of the pillars of my sorrow
I carried them on deserts vast
oceans deep as midnight skies
filled with tears and crimson sweat
spilt by people and their lies

I sought rest within the shade
painted by the smears of hatred
yet still writhed upon the half-life
from my illness unabated
so I glared beyond my vision
at the world behind the gate
glimpsing rooftops unascended
and the rains that there await

now I whistle 'tween the fingers
of the concrete hands that plunder
garnished by the empty skulls
mouthing echoes of their blunder
in my search for purple cheeks
stuck upon still living bones
that can hum my wars away
and drown my morrows in their moans

the violin would stroke the smoke
chasing ceilings off her tongue
as I'd watch a thousand lives
waltz the words of odes unsung
but instead my eyelids quiver
stretched apart by every phobia
as I watch my dreams decay
in the clutches of dystopia.


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    Great poem! :)

  • Author Portrait

    Such a great poem, I absolutely loved it! :)




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