Hello everyone. :) This poem is about Rachel Amber and Chloe Price (characters from the game "Life is strange"). I haven't played the new episode, so in the following text there are just guesses of how the story may be. So you don't have to worry about spoilers. :D
It is about the struggle between stucking in a dreamworld/escaping the reality and the fact that they're not able to hide in this dream their life long, so they somehow have to face the reality, no matter how hard it might be.
Enjoy reading! :)

The way out

You changed my life, turned it into something better,
you made me laugh everytime we were together,
we built sandcakes, played hide and seek,
it was too wonderful and perfect to be actually real,

You turned every nightmare in a neverending dream,
or did we live a lie and it wasn't as beautiful as it seemed ?

Forgetting the problems, forgetting it all,
hiding in our dreamworld, in your arms,
distracting ourselfs and numbing our souls,
pretending to be fine just 'cause we're not alone,

We were meeting when we both were on the end,
for a reason to begin again,
we were meeting when we both closed up with life,
to take the hand of each other, to stay up and take a fight,

You turn every nightmare in a neverending dream,
or do we live a lie and it's not as beautiful as it seems ?

Refrain II:
Facing our problems, our demons inside,
helping and bringing each other back to life,
fighting against the things that're bringing us down,
going through hell to find a way out,

The way out is the way through,
the problems'll stay if we don't do,
even it's not the easiest way,
isn't it the way we should take ?
To get out of this once and for all ?
We shouldn't fly right off, first we've to fall,

Refrain III:
Let's face all nightmares instead of stucking in this dream forever,
let's put all the broken pieces back together,
let's go, let's fall, let's bleed, let's take my hand,
let's do what we need to begin again,

Are we doing it or is it already too late ?
Can we change the path or have we still choosed the way ?

I really, really appreciate it when someone takes the time to read my texts. You know, everything I write is made with passion and heartblood (if it's actually an English word. :D). So thank you very much! :) <3





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