absorb me
take me in
surround me with your love
i'll let you see
even every ugly truth and every sin
just every piece of
all that is me

i want to bathe
in your joys, your hopes and your faith
and i want to take in all that seems
unbearable to you
your anger, envy, hate and all your bad dreams,
and all the things you think you can't be loved for
and tell you it ain't true
because i love you more and more
with every passing day

a long time ago my heart opened its door
to let you in
we let our story begin
but i never dreamt you'd feel this way
for me too
then two years ago you told me you do

you taught me so much about my own self
and though i'm broke as fuck
i feel my life is full of wealth
because i get to be with you, and i just can't believe my luck
you're my starlit nightsky and my sun
my hero, my queen and my muse, all in one.

let us grow farther
to deeper realms of love that are unknown to us yet
cause it is you and no other
together, let's see how far we can get





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