Friends with benefits

As Olivia got back to her bedroom, Marc had already woken up, looking very hungover, with his hair all over the place, squinching his eyes as to shut out any light. He looked so incredibly handsome that she almost forgot that she was about to kick him out. But Emily needed her now, she knew that. Even though she had enough “man drama” of her own she knew that this didn’t compare to what Emily was going through at this moment. At least deep down in her heart she knew that Marc loved her on some fucked up level and that they could never be without each other, even though they might never really be together. Right now she was fine with that.
“Marc, I m sorry, but I gotta get going. major crisis with Emily”
“Again?” Marc asked obviously frustrated with the fact that she was about to leave and this wouldn’t be one of their legendary weekends in bed with a lot of sex, talking and eating. “come on, cant she handle her stuff on her own? Why do you always have to run, whenever she starts whining?”
Olivia couldn’t help but get a little pissed at him even though she knew he didn’t really mean it. he just couldn’t handle his hangover quite this early in the day. “Don’t be such an ass, just cause you don’t have any feelings, doesn’t mean I don’t either” she snapped at him, immediately regretting what she said seeing the hurt look on his face. She knew him too well, she thought. She knew he was the most honest, loving and kind person in the world. She knew that he liked to act all tough and as if he didn’t need anyone in the world including her. She knew that he liked to make fun of her deep bond with Emily but that’s just because he has never had anything like that before. He had to move a lot when he was little and it was never easy for him to make friends. That’s why he had been so excited when Emily met Jonathan. They got along great right away and the problems with Emily had caused a strain on their relationship because he would always have to listen to both sides of the story. But she had to stop adoring this amazing man, feeling sorry for him. She had to get to Emily and be there for her.
“I m sorry babe. I didn’t mean it.. it s just.. way to early for solving crimes or problems for that matter, and my stomach is not handling the alcohol too well this morning”
His mood changed immediately and he smiled crookedly at her and offered to make her some breakfast before she’d leave. Before she could even say anything he had gotten up, put on his boxers and made a move to the kitchen. While taking out some toast and butter and Nutella from her fridge he hummed one of the songs that they kept on playing over and over in the bar last night. She started thinking about the first time she met Jonathan after everything that Emily had told her about him.

She had been very careful because she knew that Emily tended to go a little overboard as soon as she liked a guy and had fallen pretty hard because of that. While she herself had Marc, her safety net, a guy she could rely on 100 % Emily always had guys that were unavailable, too available or just plain weird. She never seemed to notice it. She was always so head over heels for these guys and even though she told herself she didn’t need them, Olivia knew quite well how much she needed a guy in her life. She didn’t like being single, she just wasn’t’ good at it. So when she saw him she was, quite frankly, surprised by how normal he was. Emily had described him as the most gorgeous guy in the world but Olivia hadn’t trusted her judgment on these things since for a while now. Jonathan was ok looking, to her he even was a little boring. But when she saw Emily beaming up at the guy from afar she knew that to her he must have looked like a greek god. He was very nervous in the beginning and she could tell that Emily must have told him a lot about her, probably also how bitchy she could get, when she didn’t like someone. So she tried to be nice but it turned out that only after a couple of minutes he started to loosen up anyways. He was a guy you felt comfortable around, a guy that could lead a situation and make everyone laugh or cry. He had a way of looking at Emily that even made her feel safe. She decided she was gonna give this guy a chance with her best friend.
The sound of the toast popping out of the toaster snapped her out of her thoughts and she started looking for clothes while Marc was still busy in the kitchen. Her studio apartment was a mess. She was planning on moving out some time soon, but right now this would have to do even though she cursed herself every morning when trying to find socks that matched or a pair of pantyhose without holes in them. She took a shirt that was slung over the desk chair, smelled it, decided she must have only worn it once before and pulled it over her head. Her jeans from the night before lay crumpled up the corner of her bed / living room, she smelled those too and thankful for the law against smoking in bars or clubs put them on. She turned to look at her face in the mirror next to the door and decided that even if she was only going to Emilys she needed to put on some make up before leaving the house. “are you almost done? Breakfast is ready” Marc shouted from the kitchen. “just a minute”. This day could have been perfect, she thought to herself.





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