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Benjamin Wendtner


Brandmayergasse 1
2nd Floor, Top 12
1050 Vienna, Austria


Email: [email protected]
Telefon: +43 664 / 409 64 72

About us
The Belletristica Team

Benjamin Wendtner - C.E.O. & Developement
Sebastian Pöll - Supreme Technical Commander
Stefan Koidl - Master Illustrator
Birgit Heitzinger - Lead Designer

Special Thanks to

Alexander Pöll, Gregor Anreiter, Kathy Heap, Paula Mohr, DerTypInSchwarz, Luan T. Nexi, Phobos Escanor, Tamara Wendtner, Leonie Wendtner, Felix Hartmann, Gabriela Ferenczy, Maria Kober, Nickel Kyllacuren, Robin Nayeli & Sira-la

Image Sources

Our card game "Takarot", which is currently in development, is a project made with artworks from the community. Many thanks to Maria Kober for designing the layout of the cards. (List of individual card illustations is coming soon)


Most of our emoticons come directly from within our community. We'd like to thank Kathy Heap, Paula Mohr, DerTypInSchwarz, Luan T. Nexi, Robin Nayeli und Sira-la.

Game Icons

We use gaming icons from, a really awesome website, that provides free gaming icons under the Creative Commons Licence. © by Lorc, Delapouite & Scoll under CC BY 3.0

Texts on Belletristica

The contents published on this website are the intellectual property of their respective authors and are subject to international copyright law. Every form of dublication, distribution and commercial use of the texts found on Belletristica are forbidden, without the explicit written permission of their respective authors. All texts remain, at every time, the property of their creators - Belletristica does not make any possessory claims to those texts.

No Chance for Plagiarism!

It is strictly forbidden, to upload another authors' intellectual property to Belletristica. As soon as we are informed about a case of plagiarism on our website, we will investigate the matter immediately. Should you find one of your own texts that was uploaded to Belletristica without your permission, please contact us.

User-Generated Content

The majority of content on Belletristica is created by users. We dissociate ourselfes from all illegal contents that may be created by our users. Uploading other authors' intellectual property or creating illegal content of any kind is strictly forbidden on our website. If we are informed about violations of any kind, we will of course delete the respective entries immediately. On that occasion, we'd also like to note, that user-generated texts and comments do not necessarily repesent the opinions and believes of Belletristica.

External Links

We allow our users to create links to other websites, whose contents are beyond our control. For that reason, we dissociate ourselfes from all illegal content or misinformation on those linked websites. The contents of these websites fall under the responsibility of their respective owners. If we are informed about any links to illegal contents, we will delete those links immediately.

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