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The perfect place for your stories

Discover the world of reading and writing

Thousands of stories are waiting for you

If you love to read, we got you covered. There are countless adventures to discover on Belletristica, and more are uploaded every day. You don't even have to create an account to start reading.
Find books to read

Write and publish

Whether you're already a pro, or just starting out, here you can experiment with your own style, get feedback from the community, and build up your very own fanbase. In the future, we will even extend Belletristica with an online writing academy.
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A strong community

Here you won't find the harsh manners you might be used from elsewhere on the web. We're a real community, and we protect each other, even if you're a newcomer. Come sit by the campfire and listen to some stories, nobody will see you unless you start chatting yourself.
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Achievements, medals, levels and more!

Writing should be fun! Collect Fairy Dust to gain levels, complete challenges to earn medals and showcase your most awesome achievements on your profile, to earn yourself a place among the legends of Belletristica.
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The kingdom of books

More than just a website. Home.

Free forever

Belletristica is completely free, and it always will be. We accept voluntary donations to help pay the bills, and we earn a bit by advertising books written by the community.

Community Driven

Our users actively help us to build Belletristica. We regularily have votes in our city hall, to decide over new features, contents, and rules together.


Belletristica is a passion project. We don't have any investors, and we're not dependent on anyone. This allows us to always stay true to our principles.

A safe haven

This is a place of order and justice. Trolls don't stand a chance, and those who can't be bothered to behave must leave our kingdom.


By default, you are stealthy like a ninja here. Nobody can see you, except for when you actively post something, like messages, texts or comments.

Constant development

There will always be new stuff to find here. We regularily publish new features and contents, or add new events.


Next Update: 2.0.18

Penny's Chamber of Commerce

Belletristicans with commercially published books will finally get a nice little place to advertise their goods, completely free of charge.

Making a living out of writing is hard enough as it is, so we hope this will give you a little edge.

To our roadmap
Progress: 20%


Experiences from our Community

What our users have to say:

  • Oliver~Xenos - Level 5

    It is definitely a very interesting and unique platform and community, and I hope it will grow because there is so much within it that I think a lot of people would enjoy.

  • Tensei - Level 14
    I've only just started using it, it looks like the best site for all my requirements so far. I've been looking for something like this for a while, perfect for a casual poem writer like myself.

  • AFleetingDream91 - Level 21

    It's a wonderful, fun, beautifully designed website for writers. My only hope is that it grows strong international, there's not a lot of English writers here.

  • AlphaIsJustAnotherMarkiplite - Level 13

    It's really fun for those who like to read, write, and support each other! You can also chat with people normally if you're not of the first two options. I'd give it a 4.5/5 in a rating scale and put it on my recommendations list.

  • Meria - Level 26

    Ich wurde herzlich empfangen und habe neben vielen guten Geschichten auch lauter lustige Nebensachen gefunden, die einen extra antreiben, jeden Tag die Seite zu besuchen. Nichts ist ein Muss, alles ist ein Wollen. Niemand treibt einen...

    Die Seite ist wunderbar aufgemacht, immer wieder gibt es kleinere Events, die einem entweder die Zeit vertreiben oder neue Dinge entdecken lässt.

    Ein schönes Layout lässt die Seite außerdem gemütlich wirken.

    Für mich gibt es nichts negatives an dieser Seite auszusetzen, auch wenn ich erst wenige Monate hier bin.

  • Lost_Boy - Level 10

    That.....this space is for YOU only, meet new friends! Explore, read and love books! I have to say.....this place is great and creative.

  • Zikirah Pride - Level 6

    Belletristica is an amazing website that allows you to write and read all kinds of books. You can also chat to other readers and authors in any languages. It truly is amazing.

  • AstralWritten - Level 4

    I thinks its great and i love the theme.

  • Weeb - Level 12

    I love belletristic, I have made so many new friends and there are so many great writing opportunities here! I love getting my writing out there and having other people critique or enjoy my writing! Over all It's really good!

  • weepingwillow - Level 5

    Belletristica is an amazing place for authors and readers! Like Wattpad, it has the same author-reader fan relationship, and has fun for everyone.

  • Niyasa - Level 3
    Belletristica is the most amazing writing website ever! I love the quests and fantasy related things!

  • AnnaEmilia - Level 10
    ich finde Belletristica gut, weil jeder der einen Beitrag, eine Geschichte, einen Roman oder Reime selbst erdacht hat, diese ohne großen Aufwand hier auf Belletristica posten kann. - Er hat die Möglichkeit, seine Texte umzuändern oder in Kapiteln zu ergänzen, ohne großen Aufwand. Auch andere Interessenten und Leser können die Werke der Autoren lesen, bewerten, ihm eine Nachricht hinterlassen etc. Dies trägt auch dazu bei, das man sich austauschen kann. Weiter so

  • local-lovebug - Level 10

    Belletristica is home to a variety of authors from all walks of life, and so hosts a variety of works with different levels of experience and writing styles, and despite (or maybe because of this) the close-knit community is always there to inspire.

  • Gem - Level 8

    A writing site perfect for writers. Belletristica has features that encourage writing, reading, and social skills. Plus, Belletristica being designed like a game is amazing!

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