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I am a muse, and your personal assistent here on this page.

Belletristica is a platform made for reading and publishing texts of all kinds.

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Writing should be fun! Belletristica offers you a safe haven, to showcase your stories & poetry worldwide.

We're not only interested in masterworks, but believe that every story deserves a place to exist.


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Readers from all around the globe can enjoy your publications, rate and comment on them as well as subscribe to you.

Our friendly and motivated community is always ready to help you to improve and perfect your writings.

You retain all your rights and have full control over all your works at any given time.


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Write even long stories without breaking a sweat, using our card-based editor.

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Organize your chapters via drag & drop, and utilize handy features like the audiofile upload and the PDF converter.


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Game on! Here on Belle, the fun never stops.

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And look forward to see many more gaming elements in the future!


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Join our steadily growing community. Be in touch with the team and let your ideas help us to further develop this project.

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