Our Roadmap

Come along with us, on an adventure that never ends.

Belletristica 2.0
Discover a whole new world!
After 3 years of development, we are happy to present to you Belletristica 2.0! Our kingdom now has more to explore than ever before. Book covers, shelves, pseudonyms, groups, achievements, better profiles... too many improvements things to list them all, really.
Academy Update
Belletristica's Writing Academy
Writing is not just about talent, it is really more of a craft that can be learned. In our academy, you're free to start your own personal writing course. You will neither find stress nor pressure nor tuition fees here. Feel free to complete all lessons at your on pace, in whatever order you fancy.
Interactive Tutorials:
Test your skills as often as you like against interactive exercises that build upon what you've learned in a playful manner. The lessons are designed like levels in a video game and at the end of each one, a new challenge awaits you.
Ever-growing Curriculum:
New classes and lessons will be added continuously, and all of them are at your disposal. Learn about good dialogues, proper act structure, would building, poetry... There's something for everyone.
Engaging Campus Activities:
Collect pages for your almanach, decorate your own study room and discover all kinds of secrets in the academy.
A New Medal:
Earn the new academy medal in bronze, silver and gold, by completing lessons and classes at the academy. The update will also bring a couple of new thematically fitting achievements.
Atrium Update
The Atrium - Our Very Own Forum
With the atrium uptate, we'll expand Belletristica with our very own forum. This will create room for longer lasting discussions and permanent content, to complement the short-lived conversations in the chat.
A Tailor-Made Forum:
Imagine a beautiful, clear, well thought-out writing forum, with functionality custom-made to suit Belletristica.
Subforums for Groups:
In addition to their own chat, groups will also get to create and manage their own subforum. We're looking forward to see what cool and creative places will come out of this.
A New Medal:
Earn the new forum medal in bronze, silver and gold, by actively participating in games and discussions within our forum. The update will also bring a couple of new thematically fitting achievements.
Collaborations and Teamwork
This update will be all about creating something together. It will bring more functionality for beta readers, a special writing mode teams, and much more.
Co-Op Mode:
A whole new way of writing together, without getting in each others way. The new Co-op editor will not only allow you and your friends to write at the same time, it will also help you to keep an overview.
Beta Reader:
Appoint your own beta readers and give them early access to new chapters to get some support while editing and perfecting your stories, long before you even publish them.
Tap into the collective intellgence of your readers by activating pull requests. This way, your fans can help you spot mistakes in your story and mark them (which will be only visible for you). They may even make suggestions on how to solve these problems. You can then, with just a click, accept or deny their suggestions, or come up with a solution yourself.
Festival Update
Festivals and Tournaments
Belletristica already offers a lot of things to discover, but with this update, we want to take it to the next level. You can look forward to monthly festivals and regular writing contests.
Monthly Festivals:
With this update, we'd like to make every time of the year feel special. Every month will get its own signature event, which will repeat every year.
Writing Contests And Tournaments:
In addition to the festivals, we want to introduce a multitude of writing contests and even our own tournament system, with lots of cool prizes to be won.
A New Medal:
Earn the new festival medal in bronze, silver and gold, by participating in as many events as possible. To keep track of everything, you'll get your own festival punch card, where you collect stamps for each festival you visited. The update will also bring a couple of new thematically fitting achievements.
Feudalism Update
Welcome to the New Citadel
We don't want to publish any details for this update just yet.
Marketplace Update
A Self-Sustaining, Independent Ecosystem
With our marketplace, we want to create an exchange platfor for all kinds of writing-related services, independent from real money.
A Virtual Currency:
Earn Fairy Silver by helping the community and use it to get access to exclusive services for your books. Fans may tip their favorite authors with silver coins and especially promising works might receive some bonus silver.
Writing-related Services:
Browse the marketplace to find good offers for cover design, illustrations, translations, editing, ghostwriting, marketing and much more. Use your silver to purchase valuable, handcrafted upgrades for your book.
Conquer the Marketplace:
Post your own offers for writing-related services, build your portfolio and collect good ratings to make a name for yourself at the marketplace and earn precious Fairy Silver. If you do good work, you might even get your hands on a special marketplace licence, which allows access to special missions.
Belletristica Journey
Experience Your Own Personal Journey
We don't want to give away too much information about Belletristica Journey at the moment. Only so much: it will be a completely new, fully immersive experience, which will playfully take you through every step of the creative process needed to complete your book. From the first vague idea all the way to your finished novel.
More will come...
We're really just getting started
There are nearly infinite possibilities for more updates. Who can tell where our adventure will might us in the future?

Mini Updates

Here you see a list with smaller, independent features, that don't belong to any of the main updates. They do not have a fixed release date, and also no specific order, but they have been confirmed to come out.

Alternative Designs

At the moment there is only one design available for Belletristica, but more will come.

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