Our Roadmap

Here you can take a look at what we've already accomplished together and what we're up to next.

  • Belletristica 2 - A Completely New Experience

    We are currently using the most modern web technologies, to develop the best possible platform for you. You can look forward to the following highlights:

    Complete Redesign
    Belletrsitica is currently being re-developed from scratch - better, more beautiful, faster, more stable and most of all, easier to use. Of course, all your texts, comments and everything else will stay the same. Also, we won't take any existing features away from you.
    Modern Chat System
    More stability and faster reaction times. Everyone will be able to create private group-chats.
    Improved Editor
    With practical bookshelf system, new possibilities as well as a handy autosave feature.
    Belle as App
    Due to popular demand, Belletristica 2 will be available both as web-platform and as downloadable app.
    And much more...
    Covers for your books, a better profile with more options for individual design, cleary arranged overview over all your works, images and files can be shared directly within the chat Chat, texts can be published only for selected beta readers, and the list goes on...
  • Update 1.4 - Blog & Play!
    An owl sits on some books

    This summer, we had a change of course and have now set our sails directly for Belletristica 2. These are the updates we had this summer:

    Our very own Blog
    Belletristica now has its own blog, where we will publish handy writing tips, stories from within the community and all kinds of interviews.
    Gamification Beta
    We started a testing run for our gamification model. Users collect Fairy Dust for various actions to gain levels. More gamification features are planned.
    The new Dashboard
    With our new dashboard, we finally get some perspective in here. Here you have a complete overview over new comments, texts from authors you follow, and many other events.
    Other Changes
    As always, we did a lot of necessary small stuff. For example, the zen-mode is now also available for mobile devices. Also, there are new options for your notification settings and in user profiles, there are new stats like textcount and views in total.
  • Update 1.3 - Do it better!
    An owl sits on some books

    In the course of our "Do it better!" update we focused mainly on all the bugs, glitches und and flaws you uncovered on Belletristica, but we still managed to slip in a few little features every now and then. Here are our highlights of the last three months:

    Countless Bugfixes & Improvements
    The Core of this Update. Belle is now faster, more stable and easier to use.
    A smart Searchbar
    Search for textes filtered by users, categories, genres und languages.
    PDF-Generation for Texts
    Create PDFs from your texts or from single chapters. (Only for your own texts)
    Zen-Mode, Applause & Chapter Quickselect
    Our mini-update on the occasion of the 6-month anniversary of Belletristica.
    Workstatus for Projects
    Mark your projects with tags like "finished", "delayed" or "in progress".
    And a Medal-System
    Complete with the first set of 9 Medals, each one available in bronze, silver and gold.
  • Update 1.2 - Relax & Enjoy!
    An owl sits on some books

    What happened Autumn and Winter 2015? In the course of our "Relax & Enjoy" update, we added some really cool features to Belletristica, for maximum reading enjoyment.

    New Edior & Multi-Chapter Stories
    Never again you'll have to awkwardly search for the next chapter! Wether it's a sequel to a short-story you are reading or the next chapter of a whole novel: longer texts are much easier to write and enjoy.
    Read your works aloud and upload the finished MP3-files to offer your fans a deluxe storytelling experience!
    Youth Protection
    Can't somebody please think of the children? Of course we can! That's why we introduced the dapper new 18+ marks as well a security prompt.
    Favorites & Watchlist
    Form now on you can mark your favorite texts with a heart, and you can add new interesting texts to your watchlist, so you don't forget to read them later.
  • Update 1.1 - Hey! Look! Listen!
    Picture of a messenger owl

    The "Hey! Look! Listen!" update extends the core functionality by many new important features all around the topics community & communication:

    Personal Messages
    You can now send private messages to other users.
    Built up your fanbase! Readers can now subscribe to authors whose texts they enjoy most.
    Whenever receiving new messages, getting new comments and on several other occasions, you'll be notified per email.
    Reader's Corner
    The new channel for book recommendations, which you requested so often, is finally here.
    Due to popular demand: The new smileys have arrived to bring some color into our community-chat.
  • Official Start of the Project

    Happy Launch-day everyone! After two months of intense development, we were more than proud to finally present Belletristica on July 17th 2015 to the public.

  • Start of Development

    The day that started it all... On this day the decision was made to build Belletristica. We had been carrying this idea with us for too long already. We had no screen designs, no budget, not even a name. We simply started.

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