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A list of previous updates, both small and large ones.

October 2019
Patch 2.0.16.h - Autumn Treasures

Just a little content update in between.

  • 3 saisonal items: over the course of October, you can find pumpkins, autumn leaves and apples now. How many of these items can we collect together, before the autumn festival on October 31th?
  • 1 new item: you can find beeswax now while reading (all around the year)
  • 1 new crafting recipe: you can now craft your own candles in the workshop, which can be used at many occations
  • A critical bug hast been fixed, which gave out way to much Fairy Dust. Every text was treated, as if it had full audio
  • A few typos have been fixed
Patch 2.0.16.g - Care Package

For the last 24 hours, we've been on a major bug hunt, to root out dozens of annoying bugs and other small issues. We also added a couple of improvements on the way. Here is what we got done:

  • The pesky bug, which sometimes caused multiple pages to overlap on the mobile reader, is now resolved
  • The mobile reader now features a progress bar whie reading, so that you always have a good sense of how much longer the current chapter is going to take
  • There are now 6 new categories of contributors: "Translated by", "Audio by", "Lead roles", "Supporting roles", "Inspired by" and "After a challenge of"
  • The design of the contributors tab in the reader has been fixed
  • In group chats, there is now a direct way to reach the group pinboard or the members list (via the context menu)
  • On the dashboard, you now have a "seen all" option for comments and new publications
  • When someone applauded to a comment but later deleted their account, this could lead to the applause funktion being blocked for this comment. This should not happen anymore
  • There was a bug, which lead to the security question at the underworld gate being skipped for unregistered guests. This bug is now solved
  • We added a new interview question for your profiles: "How did you come up with your username?"
  • Users with German as their selected langugage will now have a preset value of "All languages" while searching, so that english texts may also be found. In the future, we will add way more granular settings here
  • Texts which have a set language of "Other" or "Multilingual" can now be found in the search
  • Newly created books don't jump to the bottom of the bookshelf anymore, after the first page reload
  • On mobile phones, the images of achievements and gruppen are a bit smaller now, so that there is a little more space for text in the respective lists. We also slightly refined their design for larger screens.
  • In the group list, some letters of the group's name (like the lowercase "g") sometimes got cut at the bottom. This shouldn't happen anymore
  • In the group list, there has been a visual glitch lately, which rendered a weird amount of space at the bottom of entries. This is now fixed
  • The various tabs in the treasury used to be way to high sometimes, on mobile devices. This is now resolved
  • The pseudonym quick-selection on the dashboard got a little reystyling and now also the text is clickable, not just the image
  • If you loaded the works tab on profiles, it could happen that the tab wasn't high enough, so books would get cut. This should not happen anymore
  • The spacing for books in the works tab of profiles have been refined. There is now less spacing between shelf headlines and books, but the last books now have enough spacing at the bottom
  • The notifications for new publications on the dashboard had a visual glitch, which caused book covers to stick to the bottom of the entry. This is now fixed
  • You can now also leave groups directly from the group overview lists (via the context menu)
  • The buttons "Find group" and "Create group" are now on top of their respective group lists, instead of at the bottom
  • "Unpublish" for chapters and books has been moved down in the menu. It is now the next to last option before "Delete"
  • The glitch, which sometimes caused the little arrow in the main menu (on mobile phones) to move too far up, is now fixed
  • The "system settings" have been renamed to just "settings" and the icon has been changed
  • Most headlines on mobile devices are now slightly bigger
  • Turning off the fairy dust notifications in the display settings now works properly
  • A missing translation for tea leaves Teeblättern caused visual glitches in the English version. This is now fixed
  • The user search for mods has been improved
  • The summoner (the quick contact to the fairies) on the achievement page sometimes slipped below the footer. This doesn't happen anymore
  • Also, the summoner on the dashboard sometimes got stuck. This is now fixed
  • A new map piece (L17) is now available on our kingdom's map
  • The Glitchcube now has 3 additional glitches, for a total of 80 different results
  • Typos have been fixed at multiple places
Patch 2.0.16.f - Arts and Crafts Patch

The crafting system is now available and a couple of annoying problems have been fixed.

  • The workshop with the first 6 crafting recipes is now available from the inventory
  • Two new items can now be found while reading
  • The balancing for found items has been adjusted a bit (items appear slighlty more often)
  • A Bug has been fixed, which sometimes prevented that new members could be invited to groups
  • Group invitations now have a "decline" button
  • The buttons for group invitations should not glitch over the text anymore
  • When signed in as pseudonym, the total value of gemstones in your treasury used to be wrongly calculated as 0g. This is now fixed
  • A display bug in the citadel has been fixed
  • Typos have been fixed at multiple places
Patch 2.0.16.e - Hot Coffee Mod

Just a little patch in between. More updates are underway.

  • 3 new items can now be found while reading, including coffee beans and tea leaves, which you'll be able to cook up in the alchemy lab soon.
  • Balance Patch: another protective spirit now roams Adventuria. An exploit, which made it possible to farm too many copper crumbs too quickly has thus been fixed.
  • A new mod function for more comfort and faster access is now available in the Tower of Vigilance.
September 2019
Patch 2.0.16.d - Balance Patch

The precious piglets have become round and thick. They will visit the chat much more rarely now, but they will bring more generous gifts if they do.

  • The precious piglets now visit the chat much more rarely
  • The precious piglets now grant a level 2 gemstone to the last post, every time they visit
  • The precious piglets now also gift level 1 gemstones to each of the last ten tavern guests, every time they visit
  • The copper piglet has now followed the call of freedom. It will now too visit the tavern and bring copper coins as well as copper crumbs
Patch 2.0.16.c - Counting Coins

  • Inside the mint, information is now available on how many copper coins are currently in circulation across the whole kingdom
Patch 2.0.16.b - The Mint

  • The mint has now opened its gates and copper crumbs can now be converted to coins
  • A bug in the city hall has been fixed, which, in some cases, caused an error to appear instead of the ballot overview
  • A total of 8 different items can now be found while reading
  • The achievments link in the profile now directly leads to the achievements page, instead of the Enchiridion
  • Treasury links from opened treasure chests now directly lead to your gemstones, instead of the inventory
Patch 2.0.16.a - Inventar-Patch

Some necessary refinements and fixes after the 2.0.16 Update.

  • We made a few balance changes
  • The "finished reading" buttons should work reliably everywhere
  • Unpublished chapters don't have a "finished reading" button anymore
  • Pseudonyms were sometimes not able to view collected items and artifacts. This is now fixed
  • The chapter preview mode has been destroyed with the last update. It is now working again
  • 2 new items have been added
  • 1 new achievement ("Number One Dime") has been added
  • The inventory now features a menu bar with links to the upcoming crafting stations and the copper market, even though they are not yet open
Update 2.0.16 - Adventuria's Treasures

Today, we have a bigger update for you: Adventuria's Treasures. This not only enables you to collect valuable items while reading, it also will serve as the foundation for countless further gameplay possibilities down the road. Also, we've made a lot of fixes and general improvements site-wide. Here are the details:

  • The treasury is now split into 3 distinct areas: one for coins & inventory, one for gemstones and one for artifacts
  • We are finally introducing copper coins as our official ingame currency for all game contents
  • You can now discover treasures while reading chapters. Most of the time, you will find copper crumbs, which can be minted into coins, but there are many other items waiting to be found
  • We now have the foundation for a new, personal stat (chapter was read X times), which will be made available soon
  • The notifications for new ballots in the city hall should now be fixed
  • More security measures against harmful files in the chat
  • Moving gif images are now supported in the chat
  • A bug has been fixed, which sometimes prevented the word count and reading time to be updated, after editing a chapter. All word counts and reading times are up-to-date now
  • A glitch has been fixed, which caused some new texts to not have a language setting, effectively preventing them from showing um in the search, when language filters were enabled. All affected texts have been repaired
  • The mobile version now too has a menu button in private conversations, which enables you to block messages from other users
  • Ballots in the city hall are now displayed in the correct order (newest on top, oldest below) and they are also marked with their respective number
  • The "Load more messages" button in group chats and private conversations now works properly again, without causing a disorienting jump
  • There is a maximum size limit for chapters now. The limit is 500.000 characters, which still is about 50k to 70k words and therefore a whole novel worth of text per chapter
  • Opening a chapter in the reader no longer grants 1g of Fairy Dust. Instead, you can now discover treasures upon finishing a chapter
Patch 2.0.15.a - Search Filters & Fixes

Two handy search filters and some neccessary fixes.

  • Two filters have been added to the book browser: one for category and one for language. More search options are coming, this is merely a small improvement between larger updates
  • Applause for comments on group pinboards will now be displayed and linked correctly on the dashboard
  • A glitch has been fixed, which caused the issue that some elements of the user interface had to be clicked multiple times
  • Applause tooltips under chapters should not get stuck anymore
Update 2.0.15 - Insignias of the Demonarchy

This mini update brings two valuable artifacts into the city hall, together with a couple more improvements and fixes.

  • Two new artifacts were added: the "Key to the City Hall" and the "Ring of Dominion". Both can be earned in the city hall for regular participation. Learn more about them in the Enchiridion under "Artifacts"
  • The city hall now has a convenient counter, which keeps track of how many ballots you have cast over the course of time
  • A very bad but luckily rare Glitch in the city hall has been fixed and the problems it caused have been undone
  • A quick change function for pseudonyms was added to the dashboard
  • The blog is now listed in the main menu again, on larger screens, even though it is not currently available, due to renovations. This is a quick fix to prevent notifications from blocking the whole community menu
  • A few pages in the Enchiridion have been updated
  • Fixed typos at multiple places
Patch 2.0.14.a - Piglet Patch

The precious piglets already got a small patch.

  • The visits of the piglets in the chat is no longer restriced to four sections in a day. They may now show up at any given time
  • Failed logins now yield precise error messages
Update 2.0.14 - Precious Piglets

The precious piglets are on the run! Takaros newest experiment has gone awry again and now the valuable critters are at large.

  • 7 precious piglets now occasionally run through the tavern and give gemstones to the last person who made a post
  • A new entry in the Enchiridion has been added for the new piglets
  • The dart game command /darts now contains a link to the Enchiridion
Update 2.0.13 - An Independent Belle Server

With this update, we finally leave the sheltered world of hosting providers and move on to our very own AWS server, tailor-made for Belletristica's needs. This means much, much higher performance and therefore faster loading times, for the same server costs. Belletristica should now run quick and stable around the clock.

Update 2.0.12 - Mobile Fixes

The structure of the mobile version has been altered all around Belletristica. While everything should still look the same, the mobile version should feel a lot better now and the changes solved many known problems. This update will mostly affect iPhone/Safari users, but also provides fome fixes for other devices/browsers. Nothing is perfect yet, but you will surely notice the difference.

August 2019
Patch 2.0.11.b - City Hall Patch II

After the first votings, some further improvements have been made:

  • The timeline on ballots in the city hall was made even more clear
  • Ballots in the city hall are now sorted by progress (open, participated, completed, evaluated)
  • Ballots in the city hall can now be highlighted as "important"
  • The charts for voting results in the city hall have better labels now
  • A bug has been fixed, which sometimes caused a server error when opening the sentiment sign
  • A bug has been fixed, which sometimes caused a server error in the english version of the dashboard
  • Some line spacings and font colors have been slightly adjusted
  • A couple of typos have been fixed
Patch 2.0.11.a - City Hall Patch

After the city hall opened its gates yesterday, a few little improvements were made:

  • The time display on ballots is now much more intuitive
  • The number of the current voting round will not be displayed for ballots with only one round anymore
  • Wisps for already seen ballots used to be shown for every pseudonym too. This is now fixed
  • Some issues, which affected ballot notifications, have been resolved
Update 2.0.11 - Rise of the Demonarchy

The time has finally come. Our new city hall opens its gates. Additionally, a couple of smaller fixes and features where made.

  • The city hall has been added. May many important decisions be made in these rooms
  • Added 7 new achievements, which can be earned in the city hall
  • Added a link in the main menu for faster access to the treasury
  • A mod badge for chatrooms and private messages has been added. Mods can now use the chat command /modbadge to identify themselves as mods
  • All copyright notices now use the full name instead of username (if a full name is available)
  • An especially nasty bug has been fixed, which sometimes sent out invalid confirmation links during registration
  • Some typos and grammar errors have been fixed, including things like "and 2 other Person" on the Dashboard
Patch 2.0.10.i - Odyssey Patch

On their expedition with the Odyssey, our community managed to unlock the following things:

  • 2 new achievements (Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages)
  • 7 new gliches for the Glitchcube
Patch 2.0.10.h

  • The book cards have been optimized once more and should load even faster now
  • Special characters in blurbs on book cards (like "&" or "<3") will now be displayed correctly
  • Subscription notifications on the dashboard will now convert line breaks as spaces, instead of stripping them away completely
  • Subscription notifications on the dashboard will no longer contain spoilers from later chapters
  • The group profile as well as the notification bell are now also accessible via the group chat on mobile phones
  • A couple of grammar problems have been fixed for the Glitchcube
  • The about page has been updated
  • Fixed a few typos
Patch 2.0.10.g

The bughunting weekend is over and we exterminated quite a lot of those little buggers.

  • The nasty bug, which prevented some users to post in the official chatrooms, has finally been slain
  • The very annoying bug, which prevented readers on mobile phones from progressing to the very last page of a chatper, has been slain
  • A bug has been fixed, which caused all pages but the first of every chapter to be empty, on mobile phones using Firefox
  • Chat messages in public groups will now correctly count towards progress for the chat medal. Missed chat medals have been awarded in retrospect
  • The "account settings" have been renamed to "system settings", because people often confused them with "edit profile"
  • The unused option "male or female salutation" has been removed from the profile settings. You can still freely set your gender on the "about me" page
  • The book overview and book search have been optimized quite a bit, which should lead to much faster loading times
  • The number of group members in the chat should now display the correct number of group members
  • Shared images in the chat now have a light hover effect and a bit more space between the text and each other
  • The glitch, which, upon entering, caused the chat to not scroll all the way to the bottom by a few pixels, is now fixed
  • Our little stock market game now has a new gameplay mechanic called "wolrd vvents", which can influence stock values
  • The calendar mini events on the dashboard is now a bit more beautiful
Patch 2.0.10.f

First part of our bugfixes and general improvements for this weekend.

  • The irritating bug, which caused phantom messages from the public channels to appear in new/empty private conversations, has finally been slain
  • Improved spacing and font sizes especially on profiles on mobile devices
  • Improved spacing and font sizes in general, all over the site
  • Invitations to mini events are now automatically removed, if you already participated in the event
  • On mobile devices, profiles and group profiles sometimes hadn't enough height, so that some contents wouldn't be shown. This problem is now solved
  • While changing channels, the "Show more" Button will not stay on screen in addition to the loading animation anymore
  • We now have a press page, which is available from the footer
Patch 2.0.10.e

Just a little sign of life for you, while we are busy on the development server with the City Hall, the improved Book search and some larger Bugfixes.

  • The Dashboard now features a little weekly calendar for mini events
  • The "Critic's Grimoire" achievement was broken. Now it should be awarded correctly
  • Added 4 new achievements - the younger siblings of the Critic's Grimoire
Patch 2.0.10.d

Quite a few things happened over the weekend. In addition to bugfixes and performance upgrades, we also have two new games for you: a new mini event and a dart game for our chat.

  • The perfomance of the chat has been significantly increased, especially in the tavern. All chatrooms should load a lot faster now
  • New mini event: beginning now, our new stock market game will take place every Monday. Here you can collect stocks, which will grow in worth based on real events and statistics on Belletristica
  • A darts game for the chat: for cozy evenings and whole tournaments alike, our chat now has its own darts game. Simply enter /darts into the chat to get started
  • Until now, signing in via Facebook from within the chat caused a loading error. This problem is now fixed
  • Images and texts for Social Media sharing have been refined on all pages. Sharing profiles, books, chapters or Belletristica itself will work a lot smoother now
  • The group overview should now be a little more clear. The issue, which displayed multiple cut-off sentences of the group description, is now fixed
  • Pseudonyms will now use the same email notification settings as the main account
  • An annoying bug with the personal messages has been fixed, which luckily only affected our fairies until now
  • Cover images on book cards now have a very fine border, so that images with a white background won't "merge" into their cards
  • Shared images in the chat now too have such a border, for the same reason as cover images
  • An Echiridion page for the darts game has been created
  • The Enchiridion page for our mini events has been updated
  • A new map piece (Brockford, Sektor R-23) has been added
Patch 2.0.10.c

  • The number of published chapters will now be displayed on book cards, if a book has more than one chapter
  • The word count and reading time on the books in your "Write" view will no longer be calculated only from your published words, but from the total of written words
  • The reading time on the books in your "Write" view will no longer erroneously be displayed as „1:30 Minuten“
  • A couple of typos have been fixed
Patch 2.0.10.b

The much loved Glitchcube, which had been lost during our journey into our new home, has finally been found and is once again available to everyone in the chat. What chaos does it hold for the regions of our new world?

  • Type /glitchcube, /glitch or simply /gc into the chat, to roll the Glitchcube and unleash chaos
  • All of the 50 classic glitches are back, in slightly reworked form
  • Explore an additional 20 brand new glitches
  • Fixed some typos on the landing page
Patch 2.0.10.a

  • Our new, very own logo is now online! While our old logo was originally a stock image, which could have been used by other sites as well, this version was specifically designed for Belletristica
  • On the group search page, 30 groups will be displayed now, instead of only 5
  • A bug has been fixed, which caused applause notifications on dasboards to be displayed incorrectly, whenever more than three people applauded
  • The "Share on Twitter" button is now working again
  • The description text that is sent when sharing chapters or profiles will now load correctly
July 2019
Version 2.0.10 - Discovery Update (Part I)

We'd like to officially welcome our new designer into the team. As a little starting gift, she brought the new and improved book cards for you. Also, a lot of other stuff happened in the meantime - in addition to the new, weekly mini events, you probably noticed some of the many new bugfixes and improvements. The following is a list of the most important changes:

  • The new and improved book cards are finally here
  • A costume ball mini event will now be held every saturday in Masqûera. You will receive the invitations in your dashboard each time. Also, we built up the technical basis for further mini events in the future
  • The editor now has a preview mode for unpublished chapters
  • 2 new pages were added to the Enchiridion: mini events and copper coins
  • Optimization of many subpages lead to faster load times site-wide
  • The treasury should load much faster now
  • The groups overview should load much faster now
  • The dashboard should load much, much faster now
  • Until now, reaction notifications on dashboards used to ignore things that happened before the 2.0 update, which caused some numbers to be wrong. This is now fixed
  • Fixed a new bug, which prevented notifications about pinned comments to be shown on dashboards
  • Links inside chapters should now work on mobile devices too
  • Book suggestion at the end of chapters will not suggest the currently read book anymore
  • In rare cases, it was possible for two mods to award the same medal at the exactsame time which would lead to problems. This will no longer happen
  • Leaving a channel and returning to the channel overview on mobile devices should now happen super fast
  • When leaving a channel on a mobile phone, you should immediately find yourself in the appropriate channel overview (chats / groups / private)
  • A bug has been fixed, which would sometimes render the whole comment section of a chapter invisible, if one of your own comments received applause from a now deleted account in the past
  • A rare bug has been fixed, which could cause an error on the welcome page, if a now deleted/banned account had left a review in the past
  • A bug has been fixed, which prevented spaces in blurbs and descriptions from being displayed correctly
  • The supporter quests page now has a return link back to your dashboard
  • The costume ball in Masqûera now has a return link back to your dashboard
  • The loot-algorithm of the monthly discovery chest has bee balanced a bit
  • Discovery chests can now also contain gemstones
  • A rare bug has been fixed, which could be exploited to open a treasure chest twice
  • A bug has been fixed, which hinted at other secret achievements, once the first hidden achievement had been unlocked
  • A bug has been fixed, which prevented some users from signing in per email on mobile devices.
  • In some browsers, the upload of image files did not work correctly. This is now fixed
  • In some browsers, the upload of audio files did not work correctly. This is now fixed
  • Books from deleted or banned accounts would sometimes still be displayed. This should not happen anymore
  • We implemented better IP-logs and some other helpful admin powers, which will help us to maintain order and hunt down bugs
  • There were a couple of display errors in the comment sections of some blog articles. They should be fixed now
  • Some important bugs have been fixed, which prevented some users from writing their texts
  • A lot of typos have been fixed
  • Many other small issues have been fixed
  • Our team page has been updated
  • The "Chunk of Unobtanium" is now listed under "Artifacts" in the Enchiridion
June 2019
Version 2.0.9 - The War on Bugs

Belletristica 2.0 went online exactly one month ago! And again, a week full of neccessary bugfixes and improvements went by. It's starting to feel like home here.

  • The "A Perfect Pair" achievement shoud now be awarded correctly
  • Prestige points were calculated way to low in some cases. Now the formula will include the difficulties of your earned achievements properly
  • Opened treasure chests used to look the same as a daily chest. Now they'll load the correct graphic
  • We fixed a bug which removed the "show more" links of comments upon entering group pinboards
  • We fixed a bug which, when expanding a comment, removed the "show more" links of other comments
  • If you share a link to the edit view of your chapter, other users no longer get an error, but are now automatically redirected to the reader view of that chapter, provided it is published yet
  • The group profiles received a bit more love on mobile devices now (improved spacing, smaller headlines…)
  • On mobile devices, group and profile tabs were sometimes initialized with the wrong height. This should now be fixed
  • Many typos and comma errors have been fixed on the pages for profile settings
  • During June, the caption of the Belletristica logo is now wearing rainbow colors
  • Wisps are glowing now (wisps are those little dots, that tell you where there are new things to see)
  • Gemcutter Takaro will make our treasuries a happier place now
  • We added 1 new map piece (Copperford)
  • If you pin a comment, it no longer causes the comment's date to changes
  • Medals are now displayed in profiles in the correct order
  • is now written correctly (in the "Links" section of the profile settings)
  • Title and description texts were missing for hero chests
  • The Achievements "Cozy Little Camp", "Small Settlement" and "Growing Village" are now awarded correctly (they used to trigger to late, at 7, 32 and 102 members)
Version 2.0.8 - Collecting Miles & Bugfixes

In addition to many important bugfixes that happened this week, we also have a well-deserved gameplay expansion for all your troubles.

  • New feature: collecting miles. You will now automatically explore miles in Adventuria, when you write comments. At the start of each month, the explorers guild will send you a special treasure chest as reward.
  • Added 1 new map piece (the explorers guild)
  • Added 5 new Achievements (thematically fitting for miles)
  • The enchiridion has been expanded
  • The explorers guild has brought a little moving in gift for everyone: a personal overview of all own comments (accessible via the dashboard)
  • The bug, which stealthily removed Fairy Dust from our pots should now be destroyed for good. We will soon begin to calculate the amount that is missing and return it to its rightful owners.
  • A glitch has been resolved, which caused display problems while using the mobile reader's "freeflight modus" (the pages didn't snap properly into a grid anymore)
  • A bug has been fixed which caused the reader on mobile devices to only load the comment section of the first chapter. Now the correct comments should automatically be loaded while flipping pages.
  • The problem, that prevented contributors without a Belletristica account to be removed from the list, is now fixed
  • If you're not allowed to post internal announcements on a group profile, the input area will not be displayed anymore
  • We fixed a rather rare bug, which would only show up four times a year to sabotage seasonal challenge submissions on the last day of every challenge
  • The preview in chats now actually displays the last written message, not just the next to last one
  • You no longer get a JSON error when trying to open channels in a new tab or window
  • You will not recieve dashboard notifications anymore for pinning your own comment
May 2019
Version 2.0.7 - "For the peace of the kingdom"

During the last three days, we were busy with a rather urgent upgrade for our Citadel. While this update will be of most interest for our mods, better protection against spammers and trolls is a good thing for us all.

  • Four new towers for the Citadel, for the perfect overview
  • A couple of new and handy tools and options for mods
  • Mods can now help award seasonal medals
  • You can now scroll within the pseudonym quick-change menu (for 5+ pseudonyms)
  • The pseudonym quick-change menu is now highlighted with a small arrow icon
  • The interactive map pieces of our kingdom should load much faster
  • The titles for chat channels in browser tabs and on mobile phones have been fixed (it now says "Chat" and "Tavern" instead of "Conversation main")
  • Fixed some typos across the whole site
Version 2.0.6 - Maps and Sigils

We managed to hunt down many bugs this week and their army is on the decline. We even found the time to build in a few little features for you.

  • Version 1 of the interactive map of our kingdom is now available. In the future, it will receive many new map tiles and more functionality
  • Books can now be dedicated to someone (you'll find this in the "contributors" section)
  • Groups can now be deleted
  • You will now receive dashboard notifications when your comments are pinned
  • Additionally to the Sigil of Loyalty, there are now also the Sigil of Knighthood and the Sigil of Patronage
  • A list of our patrons can be found on the "Support Belle" page (although we only list patrons who activated their Sigil)
  • URLs in chapters are now converted to links automatically
  • The loading of chatpers on mobile phones sometimes malfunctioned when reading your own books. This should no longer happen now
  • A problem was solved, which sometimes lead to an error page immediately after login
  • A couple of bugs have been fixed, which blocked groups, channels or profiles
  • We fixed a bug, which sometimes removed Fairy Dust gained through views from the pot
  • When a group's name or profile picture is changed, this will also be applied to the chat
  • Multiple issues within the dashboard aggregation where solved (sorting, timestamps, missing entries...)
  • Fixed a bug, which blocked the whole dashboard, whenever a favorited text was deleted
  • Fixed a bug, which prevented a new automatic cover to be created, when the book's title changed
  • Fixed a bug, which prevented some users to scroll all the way down when browsing smileys
  • The social icons in our Footer (Facebook, Twitter, Patreon) are working now
  • A bug has been fixed, which sometimes caused trouble after deleting comments
  • When a user applauded and then deleted their account, a lot dashboard errors where caused. This should not happen anymore
  • Countless other bugs of the same kind have been fixed
  • Group channels and private conversations will now display a preview of the last sent message
  • The scrollbar is now a few pixels wider on larger screens and therefore easier to grab
  • Dashboard entries for pinboards now link directly to the relevant pinboard or group pinboard, instead of just to the profile
  • Private links on profiles are now only displayed after reaching level 3
Version 2.0.5 - Takaro's Challenge Cards

A handy little system for all game masters of Belletristica. You can use the brand new "challenge cards" within your chat-based pen and paper games. Look up the details in the Enchiridion or type /cc into the chat for more info.

Version 2.0.4 - Buggo-Bashing Weekend

All weekend long, we waged a great and terrible battle against the worst known bugs and problems. In the end, we achieved a lot of important victories:

  • Books can now be sorted into shelves without drag and drop
  • Writing comments and chat messages on mobile phones has been greatly improved
  • Fixed a bug which always ate away the „show more“ link in response comments
  • Fixed a bug which prevented transferred pseudonyms from entering personal space
  • Fixed some iportant errors at sign up
  • Fixed a nasty bug that sometimes blocked the whole chat for someone
  • The annoying 20 pixel jump of the editor's toolbar is now gone
  • The editor now has a link back to your bookshelves
  • Book and chapter titles in the editor header on mobile screens are now repared
  • If you create a new bookshelve now, you no longer have to refresh before being able to edit it
  • Words are now counted correctly in chapters
  • Broken links in emails have been repaired
  • We adjusted some outdated structure links for Google search results
  • Cosmetic fix: the profile picture and the send button next to the chat's input field now have the same high as the input field
  • Multiple bugs and display errors in our medal system have been fixed
  • The submission form for seasonal challenges has been improved
  • Due to popular demand: we now have an official game channel again
  • We added a one-sided die (/d1)
Version 2.0.3 - Community Calendar

  • We created a new calendar to plan games and events within the community
  • Fixed an issue where new subscriptions could break the dashboard view
  • Fixed a few websocket issues that caused the chat to not automatically load new messages
  • We re-triggered all comments that where lost because of the dashboard bug from yesterday.
  • Book titles in applause notifications on the dashboard should always link to the relevant chapter now
  • Fixed a bug that caused trouble while generating cover images
  • Fixed a bug where phantom-messages would sometimes glich into other channels (only if you were allowed to see it, but it was still annoying tho)
  • Fixed loads and loads of typos (thanks to Noia)
Version 2.0.2 - Communications Patch

We focused on improving the chat, private messages, comments, emails and dashboard notifications with today's update.

  • Brought back the beloved letter icon to highlight incoming private messages
  • Added a direct path to your private conversation to the menu
  • Added a quick-contact icon to reach out to people you meet in the chat with one click
  • Fixed the bug that used to destroy navigation in mobile chats sometimes
  • Fixed a bug that prevented incoming comments being delivered to the dashboard
  • The comment stack on dashboards now shows comments in correct order (newest first)
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented people from replying to comments
  • Fixed issues where email-notifications for comments wouldn’t be sent
  • Fixed some style issues within emails
  • Fixed some links that caused the whole site to switch language
  • A few cosmetic improvements, like better line-breaks for mobile chat messages, as well as some other details
Version 2.0.1 - Version History & Bugfixes

The first great onslaught of buggos, the first wave of improvements. After the 2.0 update, our community put up a valiant battle, restlessly tracking down the worst errors and problems for us to take down.

  • We created this subpage for Belletristicas version history
  • In group chats and private conversations, you can now load older messages, but not in main channels
  • If you type /dice into the chat, you'll get a list of available dice and how to use them
  • Literally hundreds of big and small bugfixes. Thank you all for your unshakable loyalty and invaluable help!
Version 2.0 - A new World

After 3 years of development, we are happy to present to you Belletristica 2.0! Our kingdom now has more to explore than ever before.

  • We finally have the long requested book covers
  • You can sort books into bookshelves now
  • An autosave feature (The Safety-Kiwi got your back)
  • We now have a handy pseudonym feature
  • The all new group feature now makes it possible to create sub-communities and private chatrooms
  • You can now earn achievements and prestige points
  • Greatly improved user profiles with many new options
  • A complete redesign of every single subpage
  • A completely new codebase, which will allow for countless new possibilities
  • And many other new features, to list them all, really...
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