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A list of previous updates, both small and large ones.

May 2019
Version 2.0.5 - Takaro's Challenge Cards

A handy little system for all game masters of Belletristica. You can use the brand new "challenge cards" within your chat-based pen and paper games. Look up the details in the Enchiridion or type /cc into the chat for more info.

Version 2.0.4 - Buggo-Bashing Weekend

All weekend long, we waged a great and terrible battle against the worst known bugs and problems. In the end, we achieved a lot of important victories:

  • Books can now be sorted into shelves without drag and drop
  • Writing comments and chat messages on mobile phones has been greatly improved
  • Fixed a bug which always ate away the „show more“ link in response comments
  • Fixed a bug which prevented transferred pseudonyms from entering personal space
  • Fixed some iportant errors at sign up
  • Fixed a nasty bug that sometimes blocked the whole chat for someone
  • The annoying 20 pixel jump of the editor's toolbar is now gone
  • The editor now has a link back to your bookshelves
  • Book and chapter titles in the editor header on mobile screens are now repared
  • If you create a new bookshelve now, you no longer have to refresh before being able to edit it
  • Words are now counted correctly in chapters
  • Broken links in emails have been repaired
  • We adjusted some outdated structure links for Google search results
  • Cosmetic fix: the profile picture and the send button next to the chat's input field now have the same high as the input field
  • Multiple bugs and display errors in our medal system have been fixed
  • The submission form for seasonal challenges has been improved
  • Due to popular demand: we now have an official game channel again
  • We added a one-sided die (/d1)
Version 2.0.3 - Community Calendar

  • We created a new calendar to plan games and events within the community
  • Fixed an issue where new subscriptions could break the dashboard view
  • Fixed a few websocket issues that caused the chat to not automatically load new messages
  • We re-triggered all comments that where lost because of the dashboard bug from yesterday.
  • Book titles in applause notifications on the dashboard should always link to the relevant chapter now
  • Fixed a bug that caused trouble while generating cover images
  • Fixed a bug where phantom-messages would sometimes glich into other channels (only if you were allowed to see it, but it was still annoying tho)
  • Fixed loads and loads of typos (thanks to Noia)
Version 2.0.2 - Communications Patch

We focused on improving the chat, private messages, comments, emails and dashboard notifications with today's update.

  • Brought back the beloved letter icon to highlight incoming private messages
  • Added a direct path to your private conversation to the menu
  • Added a quick-contact icon to reach out to people you meet in the chat with one click
  • Fixed the bug that used to destroy navigation in mobile chats sometimes
  • Fixed a bug that prevented incoming comments being delivered to the dashboard
  • The comment stack on dashboards now shows comments in correct order (newest first)
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented people from replying to comments
  • Fixed issues where email-notifications for comments wouldn’t be sent
  • Fixed some style issues within emails
  • Fixed some links that caused the whole site to switch language
  • A few cosmetic improvements, like better line-breaks for mobile chat messages, as well as some other details
Version 2.0.1 - Version History & Bugfixes

The first great onslaught of buggos, the first wave of improvements. After the 2.0 update, our community put up a valiant battle, restlessly tracking down the worst errors and problems for us to take down.

  • We created this subpage for Belletristicas version history
  • In group chats and private conversations, you can now load older messages, but not in main channels
  • If you type /dice into the chat, you'll get a list of available dice and how to use them
  • Literally hundreds of big and small bugfixes. Thank you all for your unshakable loyalty and invaluable help!
Version 2.0 - A new World

After 3 years of development, we are happy to present to you Belletristica 2.0! Our kingdom now has more to explore than ever before.

  • We finally have the long requested book covers
  • You can sort books into bookshelves now
  • An autosave feature (The Safety-Kiwi got your back)
  • We now have a handy pseudonym feature
  • The all new group feature now makes it possible to create sub-communities and private chatrooms
  • You can now earn achievements and prestige points
  • Greatly improved user profiles with many new options
  • A complete redesign of every single subpage
  • A completely new codebase, which will allow for countless new possibilities
  • And many other new features, to list them all, really...
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