An overview of the latest updates, both small and large ones.

August 2022
Update 2.0.51 - Hourglass Two

The mysterious hourglass has run out for the first time and brings us the following changes:

  • All official chat channels are now available in German and English. From an English Tavern to an English throne room. You can visit the channels of the other language at any time.
  • We now have collectable hats, which can be worn in the chat and maybe other places in the future. Visit your profile settings to equip a hat.
  • In our new Hat Shop you can buy the first 21 hats for your collection - either with copper coins or Masquera Coupons.
  • During events and festivals you can find even more hats. These will be seasonally limited but recurring. No hat is permanently missable.
  • You share your hat collection with your pseudonyms and you can equip each hat as often as you like, even to multiple pseudonyms. You never need to buy any hat more than once.
  • Coins no longer have to be minted one by one. You can now also mint ten or hundred coins with a single button press.
  • Various smaller bugfixes and fixed typos.
July 2022
Update 2.0.50 - Hourglass One

The mysterious hourglass has run out for the first time and brings us the following updates:

  • Many achievements now unlock honorary titles. You can choose one of your unlocked honorary titles in your profile settings. Your active title is used at many locations all over the platform.
  • There are now 8 new achievements to earn. All of which come with an honorary title.
  • In total, there are currently 46 titles to unlock. Take a look at the achievement overview page to see which achivements grant titles.
  • Private conversations can now be archived.
  • Private conversations can now be marked as unread again.
  • The glitchcube now produces over 20% more nonsense.
  • Bugfix: banned and deleted users will now be correctly displayed in the contact list, on group profiles, on the dashboard and in your subscription overview.
Changelog Reset

The Changelog has become way to long and incomplete, so we made a restart. The version history from 2.0.0 to 2.0.49 has been archived.

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