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Wings of Fire :)
Hello fellow people! Ya‘ll like Wings of Fire? Then come in and have a fun time! We have to offer to you: RPG Discussions Talks And more! Languages spoken: English For the RPG: Name:(A name matching your Tribe) Gender:(Male, Female, Other) Tribe: Pronouns: (example she/her;they/them;he/him) How do you look:(example: tall, scarred…) Age:(Dragons are considered an adult after reaching 7 years) Characteristics:(example: grumpy, happy…) Role in the Tribe(please ASK ME if you want a high rank!) Mate:(Optional) Dragonets/Eggs:(Optional) Something else:(Optional) ——————————————————- Storyline:None right now ——————————————————- ALL THE CHARACTERS I will add all your RPG characters here ——————————————————- Me(Pebble) Name:Dawn Gender:Female Tribe:Rainwings Pronouns:She/Her How do you look:Pretty tall, scales shift colors, but normally grey-blue with some black, dark and light grey. Has a scar on her nose.(may be changed, since she is my main Wings of Fire OC that is still a Work in Progress) Age:6 Years(Dragonet) Characteristics: sneaky, doesn’t trust strangers, protecting the dragons she likes, not really friendly, sarcastic, pretty brave(sometimes too brave), manipulates others(In one word, pretty evil lol) Role in the Tribe:She is too young right now Something else:Has pretty strong venom (I know this OC isn’t perfect yet, but it is pretty new)
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