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Press information about Belletristica.

About Belletristica
What is Belletristica?

Belletristica is a completely free writing and reading platform, that enables authors of all genres and writing styles to share their works with the whole world.

With our constantly growing amount of game elements, features, content and most of all because of our creative users, there is always something new to explore here.

The most kind and welcoming community has formed around Belletristica and our users are closely involved in the continued development of our platform.

There's no large company behind Belletristica, but a small and independet team, with great dreams and dedication.

Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet

Here are some important facts about the project, as well as some features, that make Belletristica unique.

First published in 2015

The very first version of Belletristica has been published in July 2015.

Relaunch in 2019

During May 2019, we had a complete relaunch of our software. Belletristica 2.0 came with lots of new exciting features.

Amount of Users

We currently have about 19 thousand registered members.


Belletristica is beeing developed from Vienna, Austria.

A Passion Project

Our team currently developing this platform in addition to working their daytime jobs. We do, however, want to make a living from it, so we can focus only on Belletristica.

Free forever

Belletristica is completely free and always will be. We accept voluntary donations to help pay the bills and we earn a bit by advertising books written by the community.


Our people vote to create their rules and guidlines together. They are also very actively involved in the development of new features.


One the most important aspects of Belletristica is, that the whole platform is build like a game. We use medals, achievements, levels, virtual gemstones, as well as all kinds of other collectibles and gameplay elements, to keep our users motivated for their writing projects.

Images & Screenshots
Images & Screenshots

We have prepared a small collection of images, which can be used in articles about Belletristica. It contains logos, banners, screenshots and a couple of other things.

Previous Media Presence
Previous Media Presence

We are always looking for opportunities, to make Belletristica known to a larger audience. Here are examples of our media coverage of the past:

Contact & Interviews
Contact & Interviews

For further questions, or to make Arrangements for a personal interview, don't hesitate to contact us directly at any time:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +43 664 / 409 64 72

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