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Sina Melina

Level 26 Belletristican
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Hi everybody!

I'm just a woman writing poems.

Hope you like some.

Would enjoy loads of comments ;-)

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Prestige points: 68
Sina Melina is already with us for 2 years.
Level 26 Belletristican
66.46 kg Fairy Dust collected.
65.0 kg70.2 kg
169 books published
202 chapters uploaded
13245 words written
76 favorites
24 fans
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9.7 miles explored
best of ()
for those with little time to discover: my pearls :-) Enjoy!
sing a song ()
spirituality ()
spiritual poems and philosophy ... so this is where I am at home
fairytales ()
fairytales written as poems
L O V E ()
romantic love ... poems
poems, poems, poems ()
all the other stuff ... personal, emotional, nonsense ...
seasons ()
spring, summer, autumn, winter
Belletristica ()
a little bit strange ()
experiments ...
Personal info
Sina Melina
With us since 8. March 2018
Nothing written yet...
There is nothing here to discover yet.
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