Collecting Miles

The Enchiridion - Your Guide to Belletristica.

The Explorers Guild

With the 2.0.8 Update, the explorers guild will be moving into our kingdom. From their headquarters, a tower on the edge of Adventuria, they will keep track of how many paths and ways inside the region have been explored yet and they'll award Achievements and monthly "treasure chests" to everyone who helps exploring.

Adventuria is a land of massive scale and the number of wonderful things, which can be discovered there, grows with everye day. The comments we leave there are our milestones, that mark the path we traveled.

How can I collect miles?

All Belletristicans are now able to collect miles. This happens automatically, whenever you leave comments for the books you read.

Your explored miles are listed as stat in your profile and they will yield a monthly reward. This gameplay mechanic is meant to encourage our readers to leave a comment for every chapter they have read.

For every chapter on Belletristica, that you comment on, you gain 0.1 miles you "explored within Adventuria". This distance will be permanently added to your mile count, even if the chapter you commented on should happen to get deleted one day.

Additionally, there are bonus miles for diversity, for explorers who not always travel the same old routes. This means, you'll additionally gain 0.1 miles whenever you comment a chapter of someone, for whom you never wrote a coment before. For example: let's say you comment on 6 different chapters written by 3 new users - this would mean you've collected 0.9 miles.

By the way, commenting your own chapters or commenting the same chapter multiple times will not affect your mile counter.

All comments written before the 2.0.8 update will fully count to your total mile count. It is also possible, that we'll add additional ways to earn bonus miles in the future.

The Discovery Chest

At the start of every month, the explorers guild will send a special "treasure chest" to everyone who helped exploring Adventuria.

Inside this chest, you'll find some Fairy Dust. In the future, it might even contain gemstones and copper coins. The amount of loot is directly tied to your collected miles. Every explored mile should yield about 1g of Fairy Dust, but there's also a bit of luck involved.

Your mile counter acts as the base value, when the amount of loot is calculated. Let's say you have explored 100 miles. This would mean that your monthly chest will contain about 100g-120g Fairy Dust, depending on luck.

Additionally to these normal luck-based fluctuations, opening a chest can trigger a "quiet month", which will cut your profits in half, or you could trigger a "lucky hit", which will double your profits.

Your discovery chest works in a similar way as your daily chests, by the way: when you don't open it for a whole month, it will expire as soon as you get another one. So you should check your dashboard at least once a month to claim your well-deserved reward.

Improving your luck

You can totally improve your luck when you actively continue to collect miles. If you gained at least 0.1 new miles during the last month, you've safely avoided getting a "quiet month".

If you managed to gain 3,0 miles or more during the last month, you can even look forward to a guaranteed "lucky hit".


The explorers guild has its headquarters in sector P11 of the map, between Farraway and Camp Heartfire.

As a special moving in gift, the guild brought a neat littly feature for everyone: an overview of all your own comments is now accessible from your dashboard.

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