Precious Piglets

The Enchiridion - Your Guide to Belletristica.

What are Precious Piglets?

The precious piglets are on the run! Takaro's newest experiment has gone awry again and now the valuable critters are at large.

The precious piglets now occasionally run through the tavern in the chat and give a level 2 gemstone to the last person who made a post, as well as smaller gemstones to the last ten tavern guests.


The precious piglets are very spontaneous and nobody can predict exactly when one of them will show up next. However, a few things are known about them:

Precious piglets can only be encountered in the tavern, not in any of the other channels. Whenever they show up, they will give a gift to the person who made the last post as well as smaller gifts to the last ten tavern guests.

After a piglet was in the tavern, the next one might come after only an hour, but it may also take them many, many hours to show up again.

If a Pseudonym has made the last post, it counts the same as if a main account had made it. The piglets will bring their gift regardless. However, when calculating the last ten tavern guests, each account is only counted once per main account. So if you have posted with three pseudonyms, you'll still get only one gift.

All admins and fairies will be ignored by the piglets. If an admin or a fairy had the last word in the tavern, the gift goes to the person who posted before them.

Deleted or banned users frighten the piglets. If a deleted or banned user had the last word in the tavern, the piglets will prefer to visit later.

The Copper Piglet

After we introduced copper coins, the lust for adventure got to the copper piglet too. It may now also be encountered in the tavern.

Whenever it appears, it will gift a copper coin to the person who made the last post, and 33 copper crumbs for the last ten tavern guests.

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