Fairy Dust

The Enchiridion - Your Guide to Belletristica.

About Fairy Dust

By collecting fairy dust you can level up. You gain fairy dust for almost all activities on Belletristica - for some you'll get a lot, for some you'll get less. You can imagine it to be something like experience points in an RPG.

Collecting Fairy Dust

You can collect fairy dust in two different ways: Whenever you do something actively (like leaving a comment or publish a text) you immediately get fairy dust without detours.

Next to active collecting you'll have some passive fairy dust income most of the time, too. Every time somebody reads, comments, rates or adds one of your texts to their favorits, subscribes to you or applauds for one of your comments, a bit of fairy dust is added to your pot.

Your Fairy Dust Pot

This is where your passive fairy dust income is stored. You can find it on your dashboard. You can collect the fairy dust in your pot by clicking on it. But don't stess - the space in your pot is unlimited, so it doesn't matter if you don't have time to collect your fairy dust for a while.

Why Is There Even a Pot?

The pot is there for several reasons, but the most important one is the following: it'd probably be less fun to have collected fairy dust added to your profile without you noticing than to regularly see how much you've earned while you were gone. Besides that it ensures that only active accounts actually level up, but also that you don't miss any fairy dust by not being online for a long time.

Can Fairy Dust Get Lost?

Yes, fairy dust (and with it even levels) can partly get lost - if you delete one of your books for example, you'll lose the amount of fairy dust you earned with it. If it weren't like this, it would be too easy to cheat (for instance by uploading 100 pages of nonsense and deleting it right afterwards). However, you will only lose fairy dust for things you delete yourself. If somebody else deletes one of their texts, for example, you'll keep the dust you earned for commenting on it.

We also take the liberty of taking fairy dust that was acquired wrongfully, e.g. due to system errors or by cheating, away from users.

Can Fairy Dust Be Traded?

No, fairy dust (just like levels) simply shows how dedicated and successful you are on Belletristica. It isn't considered an item of trade. You can, however, trade gemstones that you don't want anymore for some extra dust.

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