The Enchiridion - Your Guide to Belletristica.

About Levels

As you've surely noticed, every member of Belletristica has a level. The number of this level shows how many things somebody has achieved and how active they are in the community.

Leveling Up

To level up, you simply have to collect fairy dust. The more you have of it, the higher your level will be.

The Highest Level

There is no level limit on Belletristica.

That means, in theory, you can level up endlessly. In reality, that's not that easy though: The number of your level gets higher along with the amount of fairy dust you have to collect in order to level up. You will see that the first few levels are accomplished quite easily but the higher your level, the slower you'll be making progress.

What Are the Benefits of Being on a High Level?

The higher your level, the more options are available to you on Belletristica. You can, for example, have more pseudonyms, advanced features like better overviews will be unlocked, and for some votes in the city hall you need to be a certain level.

(More detailed information will be available with the Levels & Skills mini update.)

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