The Enchiridion - Your Guide to Belletristica.

About Medals

On Belletristica, you can earn medals which are then being displayed in your profile. Every medal is available in bronze, siver and gold. Each one is more difficult to get than the previous one.

Support Medal

You can earn this medal by completing support quests for the kingdom - bronze for 50, silver for 300 and gold for 700 support points.

Textcount Medal

You can earn this medal by publishing texts. Both, new texts and new chapters count here. You get the bronze medal for 10, the sliver medal for 50 and the gold medal for 200 published texts.

Wordcount Medal

The amount of words you've written altogether is what counts if you want this medal. You get bronze for 10.000, silver for 50.000 and gold for 200.000 published words.

Comment Medal

This medal is given to anyone who likes commenting on texts. The total amount of written comments counts here. You're awarded with a bronze medal for 100, a silver medal for 300 and a gold medal for 1.000 comments.

Chat Medal

People who like hanging out in our chat are given the Chat Medal. The total amount of sent messages counts for this one. You get the bronze medal for 250, the silver medal for 2.000 and the gold medal for 5.000 written messages.

Seasonal Medals

You can earn these medals by taking place in our Seasonal Challenges. Bronze, silver and gold medals are given away for completing the same challenge one, two and three times.

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