The Enchiridion - Your Guide to Belletristica.

Tākaro is the muse of fun and gameplay. She's always looking for new ways of making Belletristica ever more colorful and engaging.

Tākaro's Mission

Writing should be fun! And to make this especially true on Belletristica, Tākaro utilizes every trick that gameful design has to offer.

Her goal is to motivate our people to tackle ever greater literary challenges, and to encourage them to pursue their dreams in a playful manner.

Like many things, gamification has a very dark side too. The very same methods can also be abused to manipulate and to make something addictive without actually making it more fun. Tākaro despises these applications, and takes great pride in keeping her gamification real.


For Tākaro, everything in life is a game. This doesn't mean however, that she spends all her days doing nothing. She's little bundle of energy, always full with ideas, and she has a solid grasp on the the psychological and mathematical laws that cause what is fun and what is not.

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