The Enchiridion - Your Guide to Belletristica.

Khali is the muse of justice and protection. Tireless, intrepid, incorrubtible. She is the guardian of our kingdom, and everyone living in it.

Khaeli's Mission

Khaeli fights restlessly to keep any dangers from the community. She's on patrol day and night, scouting for spammers, trolls and other attacks.

The largest part of her work happens behind the scenes. She's in command of "FairyShield" (our automatic security system), and she offers intel and support to our human knights and knightesses (Mods).

She mostly only shows herself when somebody needs help. You can always call for her protection, when anyone haresses you.


Khaeli might seem very cold, strict and stoic at first, but her fierceness comes from her deep sense of dudy, the wish to keep her community safe, and the constant fear that someone might get hurt. She is the epitome of unwavering loyalty, and always mindful to do the right thing.

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