The Enchiridion - Your Guide to Belletristica.

Maldeca is the muse of modesty and immodesty. She watches the gateway to our adult content section and takes care of everything in her Underworld.

Maldeca's Mission

Maldeca fulfills two very important responsibilities on Belletristica: First of all, she keeps Belletristica safe by dragging very violent, obscene or otherwise unsuitable content down into her Underworld.

The other part of her mission is to offer protection to everyone whose works reside in the Underworld, so that no overzealous morality crusaders may harass them. Adult content deserves a place too.

Her Underworld is no "prison for unwanted texts", but a sanctuary that empowers people to embrace their little sins in peace, without hurting anyone.


Maldeca is a very enigmatic and paradoxical personality. She has a deeply engrained sense of modesy and decency, but also a passionate love for everything that ventures beyond social taboos.

Art sometimes has to be gruesome, violent, obscene or even disturbing. Maldeca openly empbraces and celebrates this darker and often scorned side of literature.

But of course, even she won't accept outright evil or illegal contents. Even the underworld has its taboos.

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