The Enchiridion - Your Guide to Belletristica.

Juno is the muse of learning and self-improvement. Her dream is to build an academy in Belle's name, where the fine art of writing will be thought to anyone willing to learn it.

Juno's Mission

Juno wishes for a free academy, with gates always open for anyone who seeks to learn, and where students can develop their skills at their own pace. She doesn't believe in imposing dogmatic rules and reading dry lectures, but rather wants to offer various tools, concepts and techniques that lead to a deeper understanding, and from which anyone can choose to find their own working paradigm.

Her golden rule is: Every rule on writing may be broken, as long as you understand why you break it.


Juno is a very calm and joyful fairy who likes to spend time in remote places and loves to meditate in untouched natural environments. She always looks at things from many perspectives, and has a special talent to empathize with others.

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