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Hello everyone! I'm a simple college student who is studying business but enjoys writing and has an insatiable desire to create a story. My current project is "No Good Men" and for updates, check out the Instagram page linked below!

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The No Good Men Series ()
Dark, brutal, complex, and morally ambiguous, this is the story of a young slave and his relentless fight for freedom in an unforgiving world.
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Abhinav Sonthwal
14. January
United States
With us since 28. June 2021
Wanderers don't feel like they belong to any of the four great houses, or they somehow identify with all of them at once. Whatever the case, they made the active decision to stay free and independent.
A short interview
What genres do you enjoy to read and write the most?

I enjoy reading all types of fiction, but the most common are often fantasy and sci-fi. I have only 'really' written fantasy, but I would love to write Mystery, Sci-fi, or Romance at some point in the future.

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