The Four Houses

The Enchiridion - Your Guide to Belletristica.

About the Four Houses

In the kingdom of Belletristica there are four great houses which you can join. Each of them represents a fundamental aspect of writing and reading. Choose the one which reflects your own mindset the best.

If you join one of the houses, the appropriate banner will be displayed in your profile. It is possible to resign from your house again to join another, but you can never pledge your allegiance to more than one house at the same time.

At the current state, your allegiance will have no other effect than to individualize your profile and showcase your mindset and personality. However, the probability is high that the various houses will give their members access to unique powers and boni.


Creativity, untamed and overflowing

Springflowers live art, and they love to write wildly and without rules. They are compelled to try out experimental styles and daring thoughts, far from the safety of conventional paths.

They are not afraid to fail, because they know that even if they can't make something work, the very next try might turn out all the more beautiful. And even if someone does not understand their art, they will most likely not care that much, as long as it can evoke feelings in others (or even just themselves).

Springflowers almost burst with ideas. At any given time, countless ideas spark through their mind, and they constantly benefit from that boost of motivation that comes free with every new project. They are also real free spririts, and hate being restricted in their creativity or forced into fixed paths. Their works will often turn out chaotic, but can thus develop a very unique charme.

Sadly, they often have a hard time actually finishing their projects. The constant temptation of shiny new ideas and the difficulties from lack of planning and conventions can often cause them to abandon their works half-finished.

Summer Dawn

Friendship, community, and finding oneself

The house of Summer Dawn is home to all those, who could be considered "social writers". They are the living, beating pulse of the community, inexhaustibly reading, commenting, or starting roleplays in the chat.

If they somehow manage to break away from the chat to write for a while, they will most likely write about their personal feelings, their lives, and projects for and/or about their friends.

Summer Dawn is all about being part of a community, creating memories to share, and generally having a great time together. Writing rules and techniques are not nearly as important as conveying emotions or expressing oneself.

In the house of Summer Dawn, one is most likely to find community-projects, collaborations, funny poems with insider jokes, slice-of-life texts, and of course tons and tons of fan fiction.

Still, not everyone from Summer Dawn likes to hang around others all day. Some are lone woves, prefering to write mostly for themselves. Perhaps to come to terms with their experiences, bad and good ones, or to quietly share their emotions with others or to simply find themselves.

Golden Acres

Setting big goals - and reaching them

The house of golden acres shines with ambition. Big dreams are dreamed here, with the intention to let them become reality one day.

Amongst its people are those who strive for a career as professional authors, as well as those who view writing as hobby, but still with dedication to earn themselves a name.

The members of Golden Acres appreciate the craft of writing, and often spend countless hours on honing their skills, of polishing their works to be the best they can possibly be.

Their audience is everything to them, and they always honor the unspoken pact, to offer their fans an unforgettable reading experience in return for their time or money, comes what may.

Winter Spires

The art of perfection, mastery of the craft

Those who join the house of Winter Spires, have dedicated themselves to the perfection of their craft, with all there is to learn about the rules of their art.

The members of Winter Spires genuinely welcome harsh but honest criticism on their works, because their main goeal is to become the best they can be. They are very exacting, especially with themselves.

Just as Golden Acres, they value the rules of the art very high, but in contrast to them, the Winter Spires more often then not don't really care whether their writings are suitable for a broad audience.

Like the Springflowers, they celebrate art with heart and soul, but they have a very differen approach to it. They often take care of every little detail. Metrum, syllable count, rhyme schematics, everything has to be perfect.

Their works are often extremely well written, but sometimes not very easy to read, understand or enjoy. Their books will be most appealing to those with a similar mindset.

A word of praise from a person on a high technical writing niveau will mean more to the Winter Spires, than the applause of thousand fans ever could.


Free and unattached

Wanderers don't feel like they really belong to any one of the houses, or they find themselves belonging to all four houses the same.

For whatever reason, they made the active decision to not pledge their allegiance to one of the existing houses, and rather explore the world on their own.

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