Snowball Battles

The Enchiridion - Your Guide to Belletristica.

What are snowball battles?

Snow has fallen all around the tavern and the time has come to start a couple of snowball fights.

It's all just fun and games though, there's nothing at stake that you could win or lose.

Use this opportunity, for the snow is sure to melt at the end of January. After that, you will have to wait for next year, before the next snowball battle will be possible.

How to throw snowballs

You can throw a snowball by typing the command /snowball into the chat.

You automatically aim for the last person who wrote (or threw) something in this channel. Your level will influence the accuracy of your shots as well as your dodge rate, but even the largest level advantage is no guarantee for success.

As in real life, there are no fixed rules and no win or lose conditions for snowball battles, unless you define and agree upon them yourself.

Details for snowballs

For the math nerds amongst you, here are some details about the underlying game mechanics:

Every thrown snowball has a ~33.33% chance to completely miss its target and a ~16,66% chance for a guaranteed lucky hit, no matter how high your level is.

If none of these chances trigger (which means in 50% of all throws), the levels of both users will determine the outcome. Behind the scenes, an invisible die with X sides is rolled, where X is the sum of the levels of both users plus ten.

Example: If a level 16 user throws a snowball at a level 4 user, a die with 16 + 4 + 10, i.e. 30 possible results is rolled. 16 of those results lead to a hit, 4 of these results lead to the targed dodging and 10 results lead to you merely grazing the target.

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